Oh, baby

How many times can I say that I've knit The Most Adorable Thing ever before it's like crying wolf?

The pattern is a free download, and is written for a few different weights of yarn and for a wide range of sizes. Fun to knit, I've been practicing and perfecting both my cable cast on and my short row technique. I tried different short rows in the hat above, and have settled on one I like best for this project.

It was a quick knit, too, and used only 25g of yarn. Granted, it's the smallest size (and so wee), but I've more than enough yarn left in the hank to knit the largest size for comparison — and, someday, for a baby's head — and I'm about 1/3 finished with the second hat already!

I need to hunt for a button, but may wait until the second hat is finished. It seems more daunting a task than it should, and perhaps that's a sign that I should cull the button collection.

So. It's a bonus day off today! It's been a nice, relaxing weekend with just enough activity and even some productivity.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to this:

…and I can't stop watching it — just LOVE IT!! Also, instant eye cleanser and mood changer.

I also learned about Annie Modesitt's new project, History on Two Needles: Exploring Art History Through Modern Hand Knits on Kickstarter. SO interesting!! And now fully funded! 🙂

On Sunday, Maddy & Rusty headed toward the lakeshore for some kayaking and I made a big stab at cleaning out my workroom. I did a pretty good job of it, too. There's still more to do, but I'm happy with the start. I have been contemplating whether I have "too many" tote bags. One thing is certain: I have too many tote bags that contain unfinished (and even forgotten) knitting projects!! It's SCARY!

It was hot and muggy yesterday, but Kate & I loaded up bikes early-ish and headed to High Cliff State Park for a ride. I avoided it for as long as I could, but eventually had to climb the hill — 200' and steepest at the top. There's a triathlon there in a couple of weeks and lots of people training — going up and down that hill numerous times! I rode, then walked; rode, then walked — probably half-and-half. I let it get to me — part intimidation — and realize that I also need to work on controlling my breathing. Whatever, I made it up the hill and walking it would be no picnic, either!

I have to say, cyclists are some of the nicest and most encouraging people — almost everyone who passed me (in all my endeavors/events, not just this one), whether I was pedaling or hoofing, said something nice — "You're almost there," "You're doing great," "You can do it." I was so out of breath I could barely grunt in response at times. It's dorky, but it really did help to hear something nice.

And, by the way, it was a blast on the way down! I had no problem with that, braking a little, but not a lot, and hitting a top speed of about 34 mph — nine miles over the posted speed limit! We rode a little more than 10.5 miles, all told.

I'm enjoying the day today — cooler, breezier. The kids are all coming over tonight for a cook-out/feast, which means that I'd better get to the grocery store soon!


17 thoughts on “Oh, baby

  1. No matter what we’re doing it’s nice to hear words of encouragement and support from others! You’re off to a great summer of biking.
    That little hat could not be more cute. Job well done!

  2. I’ve been wanting to make that hat for a long time, though I have no one in particular to make it for. I should probably start one so I know how to make it when the time comes.
    I happened upon the video elsewhere. Also love it.
    Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it.

  3. OMG…that video? I cried through the whole thing! Sigh… kind of makes me wish for young love again.

  4. Oh my, the BEST proposal ever! That was great.
    I know what you mean about climbing on the bike – it does get easier, but eesh. Throw it in the lowest gear possible and plod on!

  5. It is the most adorable thing.
    PS I don’t think adorable handknits are subject to reality in terms of what is or was the most adorable. The item that was last week’s most adorable was the most adorable at that time. Though this hat is going to be hard to beat. Something will replace it as “The Most Adorable”

  6. That hat really is the cutest thing and what a great quick baby gift it makes! I know what you mean about pushing the bike up a hill – go you!

  7. you can say it as long as it continues to be true- which it is. That hat is soooo adorable, I had to download the pattern even tho I don’t currently know any babies.
    The proposal video is really cute too- saw it on facebook.
    Sounds like your long weekend was a good one. We had a pleasant weekend with 2 BBQs- sunday and monday. And plenty of relax time.
    Too many totes??? Don’t be silly- if you use them there can’t be too many.

  8. Totally by coincidence, I saw that hat today on Ravelry and thought “that is just about the cutest thing ever!” Good to see I’m not alone in that sentiment — love it! 🙂

  9. Love that pattern. Right now I am envisioning it in some charcoal merino DK left over from Younger Son’s last hat with the garter ridges worked in contrasting colors.

  10. I have a printed copy of Aviatrix floating around here somewhere, waiting for me to show it some love and attention. You are right – it is totally adorable.

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