We are family


And this will be the last portrait of siblings for a while. In less than two weeks, Annie and her family will be in Brazil!

I couldn't help but think of Sharon… This was the part of family gatherings that she hated most, and she'd have done her best to slip away before anyone thought to bring the cameras out!

(We all look pretty happy. Obviously, Karen didn't get the memo. I think I have the whitest legs! Michael's socks sure are white, aren't they?)


10 thoughts on “We are family

  1. I know how much you will miss Annie and her family but I also think Brazil will be an awesome place for you to visit. Great photo of the sibs, I’ll bet Sharon was there, too, even if you couldn’t see her.

  2. Ditto what Carole said. Your family not only looks happy, but you look cool and summery. The one thing your family knows how to do is create memories that last.

  3. Love the family picture! One thing we do not do often enough in my family is remember to take pictures of the “siblings” on the few occasions when we are ALL together! Three of us live in New England, but one sister is in the great Southwest, so family reunions are few and far between.

  4. Lovely picture and great smiles. I’m the whitest sheep in my family- I avoid the sun. It’s been a while since my 3 sibs and I were together but we do have pix to commemorate the ocassions.

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