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Ten on Tuesday: Market edition

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Great Things About The Farmer Market

Manning a booth and being a vendor makes my perspective on our local market a little different this year! Most of the Great Things are the same, no matter what my view, as I also shop the market every week.

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1. Local farmers. I love that I can buy from people that I "know." My farmers have faces and names, we have conversations and share smiles. I love that. Our immediate neighbors at the market are an extended family of farmers and they do a few markets in the area each week, taking turns at manning the different stalls; so far, I've discovered two of the young women are also knitters/crocheters!

2. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats — most of them locally grown and many of them organically grown.

3. Fresh flowers, herbs, and plants. So much beautiful color! And last week, I kept catching big whiffs of basil in the air — so wonderful!

4. Participation of local businesses and vendors. My community is fairly small and one of the largest Saturday farmer markets in the state is less than 10 miles away, so we do need more than just farmers to fill the spaces each week.

5. Egg rolls and spring rolls. Every week. There's always a line. They're always fresh and delicious. I believe "egg rolls" is the sole reason for some visits to the market.

6. Baked goods, kettle corn, mini donuts. There's an Amish bakery in attendance nearly every week with everything from cookies and pies to breads and pasta. Mmmm. The kettle corn is made fresh, right there; I've been buying the smaller bag and it lasts all week. So far, I've been able to resist the donuts, even when I catch a whiff now and then… thankfully, they haven't been there every week.

7. Coffee! Just as there are regulars at the shop, there are regulars at the market, too!

8. Crafters. They are interspersed throughout and add some variety. The bead and jewelry market are very well covered; there are some interesting decorative painters, woodworkers, some knitters/crocheters/sewists, some that defy description…

9. Music! It's different every week and I've enjoyed every single act. It was a two-piece polka band a couple of weeks ago and I just loved them! Totally laid-back, just doin' what they do… At one point, they were playing along and then I heard, "Well, that's all we know of that song…" and then they launched into another. So entertaining — funny and fun to listen to. Music makes a huge difference at the market.

10. People! It's the thing I like best about being a vendor at the market. It's fun to see familiar faces, faces I haven't seen in a while, faces I haven't seen in a VERY long while, the same faces every week, different faces… it's always fun! I'm a people-watcher from way back and every week there's reason to smile. I've especially loved teasing out yarn lovers (and potential yarn lovers) in my community — I've always known they were there!

TOMORROW: Remember the mural project? I'm working on an update!


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