Green: Day 1


Most of our summer has been ungodly hot and dry, and that's resulted in some very brown grass. In recent weeks, though, we've enjoyed some refreshing rain and that has made a "fresh" and "lush" green landscape we're not generally accustomed to seeing in August.

My day-off-of-the-week was yesterday, instead of the usual tomorrow, and we'd planned a trip to the lakeshore to visit a couple of Door County Land Trust preserve locations for an invitational art project that Rusty's a part of; bonus for us is that the weather was simply gorgeous!

On the way, we came across this beauty that I'd never seen before:

It's spooky, even in broad daylight! I've discovered that The Maribel Caves Hotel is also known in these parts as "Hotel Hell," so obviously I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Along the way, we also stopped in Denmark at The Mill Art Center, located in a former flour mill and grain elevator, where owner Molly Johnson gave us a tour! The place is still undergoing renovation, and will be for some time, but this sort of thing is right up my alley and I was *squee* at every turn… so much history and so many stories… I was so enthralled and engaged that I suffered camnesia!

We stopped in Algoma for lunch, and eventually made it to the lake!

Web-IMG_3103 Web-IMG_3103

To be continued…

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