NaBloPoMo 2012 · Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: On my mind

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things On My Mind Right Now

1. It's my birthday!

a. It's also Election Day and, thank you universe, that's *almost* the best present ever! There were 17 messages on my answering machine at last glance. (I am voting this afternoon.)

2. California Dreaming! I had such a great weekend away.


3. Big waves! They were amazing, the weather phenomenal.

4. Time! Time! Time!

5. Snow. (It's in the forecast.)

6. The upcoming quiet weekend at home. It's so much rougher when my day off is on a Monday… the weekend seems *so* far away!

7. Thanksgiving.

8. Christmas is even starting to creep.

9. The holidays are going to be weird this year — making the best of it, planning new things.

10. Practicing… mentally packing and re-packing my suitcase (with an emphasis on packing light) for a first-ever mid-winter vacation to someplace warm.


19 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: On my mind

  1. Happy Birthday, friend!
    Snow must be forecast all across the country. Our beautiful extended fall is coming to an end.
    Good to hear you had a great time. Living on memories will get you through to the weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday, Vicki! I just want to say thank you for all the enjoyment I get from your blogging.

  3. Happy Birthday to you, happy election day to us all, happiest mid-winter holiday because they’re the best!

  4. Happy Birthday, Looks like you had a wonderful weekend get away. Hope you are looking forward to your warm weather get away. I’m feeling quite envious. As I walked out of the polling place with my husband both of us having done our voting duty. I was hit by a gust of cold wet wind. Husband turned to me and asked “How did it get to be January?”. I had to agree. I’m so not enjoying the weather and not looking forward to it getting worse.

  5. Best wishes to you on your birthday. Thank you for your enjoyable blog posts. I wish you happiness, joy, peace, and every good thing in your new year of life.

  6. happy birthday – and love all the fun stuff on your mind (even though the holidays will be different)…you are the queen of vacation travel right now for sure!

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