Or it could be the calm before the storm.

Or allergies.

Or is it a spring-time cold?

I had to laugh this morning when I read the part about Macro May in Carole's post, and that she was trying hard not to make all of her pictures of bugs and flowers this time. It's so hard in May, after a long winter (and even longer spring, it seemed), when everything is blooming… and when bugs are all over the flowers! Haha.

I always love how fast the bleeding heart grows.

EarlyApril 13th

Early2April 28th

2013-05-05_1367713178May 5th

2013-05-08_1367974679May 8th

Less than a month from sprout to bloom. It's an enormous plant (will be), with many volunteers, that my sister shared with me several years ago from her yard in Madison.

Yesterday, Mom suggested we try to walk down and check out what's happening in her wildflower garden; the big motivator, however, may have been removal of the dead Christmas wreath hanging on the picket fence by the garden house!

2013-05-08_1368051547The Virginia Bluebells are starting to bloom!

2013-05-08_1368051150Dutchmen's Breeches

And I was delighted not to have missed the Dutchmen's Breeches! They are tiny and so fleeting.

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.

–Pablo Neruda

8 thoughts on “Ennui

  1. Macro Feline? It might be a dangerous assignment, but full of expressive wisdom, even when you get the ‘I’m so ignoring you, I’m curled up with a tail covering my eyes’ shot. Although I love pretty much all of your photography.

  2. Oh how much I love the spring! Being new to seasons, the way everything turns from gray to green and so fast never stops to amaze me, and I keep wondering why the fall is so famous for the foliage and nobody seems too impressed with this amazing greening.

  3. The last time I saw Dutchman’s Breeches was in my grandmother’s garden probably 30 years ago; yours are wonderful! You’ve inspired me to look for some to plant along with bleeding heart in my own wildflower garden.

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