Baby, it’s cold outside!

Katie had stops in Paris and Minneapolis before reaching home yesterday, and it was fun to track her flight over the ocean. From what I could see, that flight usually takes a predictable "straight across" path over the Atlantic; yesterday's storm in the east caused a much more northerly route — nearly to Greenland, over Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec and Ontario, and finally to Minneapolis, skirting around Wisconsin entirely. She flew across the entire state on her last leg.

We had a little back-and-forth communication when she was in Minneapolis. She was excited about her 2-hour layover, reduced from 4-, and that's when I learned that her flight had been changed and she'd be arriving in Green Bay two hours earlier than planned! It's a good thing that yesterday was an "early release" day for me. I called Rusty a few times and stopped home on the way, but wasn't able to reach him (he was teaching yesterday afternoon), so I stashed my stuff and left for the airport. I could get up to the airport and back before we'd even have originally planned to go!

Rusty's reaction when I walked in the door and hollered my "Hello!" — with Katie's echo — was pretty great.  :)

She's arrived in time for some of the coldest weather of the year! The high temp on Monday is predicted to be around -12F/-24C. We'll slowly warm up to 30F/-1C by the time she's on her way back over the pond.



7 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside!

  1. Yay! It sounds like a great day!
    I remember tracking Gillian’s flights from Australia and Erin’s flights home from her Europe tour. Watching our chicks fly home, will they ever get so old that we won’t be anticipating them so much?

  2. What a fun surprise for you to pull off!
    You’ll have an excuse to stay in and be warm and cozy. Expect that baby to come during the worst cold weather and snow of the year. Isn’t that how it usually works?

  3. glad she made it safely…and early! I have to say I cannot imagine how cold it’s going to get where you live – we are in the teens here and that’s about as far as my brain (and fingers and toes!) can go! Stay warm!!

  4. Enjoy your together time! Last night at knitting group, anytime anyone would mention the weather, at least one of us would say, “It’s January in Minnesota — what did you expect?!” So true…

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