There was a big hole, a big pile of dirt (and snow), and a big digger outside my front door when I left this morning — same as when I got home on Friday night (no action over the weekend) — and I'm hopeful that all will be taken care of when I get home tonight.

On Saturday, after 20 years of occupancy, I officially declared the upstairs apartment CLEANED.OUT! We are ready to welcome actual tenants again, which we will do in just a few days. If "downsizing" in my own home is any indication of what it's going to be like to someday completely move out… I'd better get started!


That's my Ravellenic knitting as of noon-ish today. I'm mid-way through the first row of the 3rd clue (a 12-row repeat), at the moment, and so far I've chosen to do clues B-B-B. I missed an instruction about changing colors in the last clue, but since I'm using two lots of the same color, I don't think it's going to be noticeable at all. I'd probably be ripping a big chunk if I was using two truly different colors. We'll see what happens! The last of the 5 clues was in my mailbox this morning, so I'm set to sail to the end.

Just take a look at how our fella is growing!!


One Week Old


Four Weeks Old

He looks like he's getting a bit more comfortable with life. Our babysitting date went very well on Friday night. I went to a local baby expo with Ali & Junah yesterday, with a little stop to see Great Grandma on the way home.


7 thoughts on “Updates

  1. It’s that high test food he’s getting. 🙂 Now that I said that, I’m wondering if “high test” is a term unique to Lancaster County, or if people in other parts of the country (used to) use it, too? Anyway. I can’t believe how big he looks in the second picture! I love when babies fill out some & lose some of that newborn-ness.

  2. I think I’ve commented a lot already about how much little Junah has grown (still so cute!), so I’ll comment this time about how much progress you’ve made on your Arrow – whoa! I’m halfway through clue 4A… and planning on 5B. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out because it sure looks like it will be done before mine 🙂

  3. My, he’s grown so much!
    I still work on the downsizing as a regular project. Maybe by the time I really do have to move out of the house, it won’t be so horrible.

  4. (Are you sneaking him cookies????) He’s filling out so nicely! (And, gotta say it, his hair does seem to be a little reddish. . .)

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