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It occurs to me that my recent increased interest in fashion & style is as much a result of sewing some clothes as anything else. The hand-sewn Alabama Chanin-style shirts I made last year — whether using a paper pattern or an existing shirt as a pattern — made me much more aware of how it all works. Shape, cut, the mechanics of sewing, and pattern making.

It's also about projects in the wings. I have the goods for a couple of dresses that I'd like to make but, you know, that is some serious commitment. If I'm going to stencil, cut, and hand sew an entire dress… well, I'd sure like to know that there's some hope of it fitting and of it looking relatively good on me!

And CURIOUS! I became so curious about the mechanics of it all that I added some sewing classes to my Craftsy library. I haven't actually made one, but I was completely enthralled and fascinated by the idea of slopers, and I learned so much about how and why things fit.

And, really, IT'S ALL ABOUT FIT! Even if you're all about nothing but jeans and t-shirts, at least they should fit… it makes such a HUGE DIFFERENCE, no matter your size or shape.

That's what Amy Herzog's books Knit to Flatter and Knit Wear Love, and CustomFit are all about in the knit world. Knitter, know thyself. Take measurements!!

A few have asked about the fashion blogs I've been following:

And here's me high-stylin' today. There's still snow on the ground and I'm wearing a winter coat (unbuttoned), but I just COULD.NOT wear shoes today.


I will be lucky to get another full season out of these well-worn and beloved Wolkys.

* * * * *

If you're interested in checking out some classes, too, Craftsy is offering a BIG sale with all online classes up to 50% off so that you can spend National Craft Month (and beyond) doing more of what you love. Sale ends Monday!

6 thoughts on “More fashion stuff

  1. If you’re interesting in learning more about slopers, you might want to look into ikatbag.com’s archive. She does all her sewing from slopers she drafts herself. Very interesting to follow her logic. She’s a former physics teacher/nerd who writes very well about lots of stuff.

  2. You’re so right about a good fit. Sometimes I’ll be cranky and not sure why and then I realize it’s because I’m wearing something that doesn’t fit right!

  3. It probably says something about me that the photo I was most interested in on Senior Style Bible was of an absolutely delicious-looking cheese steak (not sure how that snuck in among the cashmere cape photos!) Thanks for the links; I will look at them for fashion, not food!

  4. You are your mothers daughter! I love to see what you make and what you wear.
    I’m still plugging away on my AC t-shirt and thank you for introducing me to her style. I’m all about comfort, at the cost of fashion, usually.

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