Baby A

I am bouncing between projects today, making progress in all areas! I have a few photo projects in the works right now, and among them is Junah's "1-Year" photos. We had him model some knits, including:


Baby A

I knit that wonderful sweater in April — and here's Mack wearing it in May — of 2007!


It's a wonderful pattern that I've always meant to knit again. But when the longevity is this good — 8 YEARS — WHY?? Addy wore it, too, and it still looks fantastic.


Too bad that wonderful yarn was discontinued.

4 thoughts on “Baby A

  1. Wow it is quite amazing how well it kept especially taking into consideration the age of all the users!
    It shows how much your sister appreciates your hand work!

  2. Great pattern, wonderful yarn…and the best models EVER! (I looked up the pattern on Ravelry and was sad to see it’s in a book that’s out of print. boo!)

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