National Sibling Day

The Howling - 1982

Per posts on Facebook today, I can see that it is National Sibling Day!

This was Christmas 1982 at Grandma & Grandpa's. Not only does the photo crack me up every single time I see it, but Mom's caption, "The Howling," is icing on the cake. Photo time has always been angsty in our family, but it was usually Sharon feeling it the most!!

5 thoughts on “National Sibling Day

  1. I wondered where that Sibling Day thing came from – what a great photo you had to share! hope your weekeend is going well….they go so fast around here and I’m sure you feel the same where you are.

  2. I’m an Only, so I live vicariously through other’s photos on Sibling Day. I have to say, someone missed the “How We’re Going to Pose” memo here.

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