Young Space: Open For Business


And what a fabulous opening it was!! I ran around and took some photos before the doors officially opened — I'm so glad I did because the place was mobbed all night!


Kate wrote a round-up at Young Space: re:generation – hit the ground running

The building (or portions thereof) is/was at one time a glass company, a bakery, political party headquarters, and a beauty supply shop. This section has been empty for quite a while… and it's amazing what a coat of paint (and clean windows) can do! Katie replaced quite a few lightbulbs, and she and Rusty built some display panels and pedestals.


And artist Frank Juarez shared his thoughts on his blog, All About Frank: Young Space re:generation Exhibition in Appleton, Wisconsin (he shared a lot of great photos, I think I spotted the back of my head in one of them)

2015-04-11 15.25.38

Ali and Adam brought KC&T's new portable espresso machine for a try-out, providing coffee and espresso drinks, along with non-alcoholic sparkling drinks and punch, and helping to pour the wine. They were busy!! (That machine is a game-changer for the upcoming farmer market season!)


The music was fantastic! Searchlights had never performed before an audience before, and that fit wonderfully with the "emerging artists" theme of the exhibition.

Best part of the night #1: A number of people told me that they weren't sure of the exact address, so just headed down to "the avenue" to try and find it… and it didn't take long because there was a very evident flow of traffic to Young Space!

Best part of the night #2: I noticed two wide-eyed women taking it all in and approached them, wondering if they'd "organically" wandered in… and they had! Art educators from the UW 2-year colleges, in town for a semi-annual meeting!!

Check out info about the artists here.

Gallery hours through Sunday, April 26:
Monday + Tuesday: closed
Wednesday + Thursday: 4-9
Friday, Saturday + Sunday: 12-4

9 thoughts on “Young Space: Open For Business

  1. I’ve been so excited to see and hear all about the opening and it looks wonderful! What an interesting collection of art; I only wish I could be there in person to really see it all. The artists have some creative and unique influences – returning home, the environment, food prep and printmaking, mythology…Congratulations to Kate, you, and everyone involved for a fabulous idea and opening!

  2. It all look so interesting and beautiful, I am happy for Kate and all of you for the great apparent success of the opening night.

  3. How wonderful for Kate! She had a smile on her face in every photo and it was easy to see the joy and delight she felt at making this happen! Your family came together and helped her create a very memorable event. May there be many more successful nights in her future!

  4. So great for Kate. I wish I was closer. I would come see the show. Congrats to the whole family for helping to make this happen.

  5. It just looks wonderful…so immediate and alive! I wish I lived closer…looks like a “happening!” 🙂 Congrats to your daughter (and helpers) for a great opening…(nice photos too!)

  6. This sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Best of all, you can sense a great energy about the space and the event.

  7. what an accomplishment – kudos to Kate (and the whole family!) on a very successful opening!! look forward to seeing what happens next…I’m sure it will be exciting!

  8. This is so wonderful, Vicki! It’s an exciting concept — and you can just FEEL the energy. I am so happy for Kate — and for the rest of you, too. (Wish I lived a bit closer. . .)

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