Something new!


Not long ago, an image for Berroco's Prickly Poppy passed before my eyes (while reading my weekly email from The Village Knitter, no doubt) and I was immediately in love. I was reminded of an old favorite reverse stockinette cardigan (two of them, actually) that I wore to death, but Prickly Poppy had some cute details, too.

Pattern procured, I emailed Ann & Katy to order the yarn. Berroco Indigo – made of 100% recycled fibers. I don't have the tag with me at the moment, but I think I ordered either "Faded" or "Relaxed." Either way, I think I'm going to end up with another favorite.

Cast on occurred last night… and away we go!

7 thoughts on “Something new!

  1. Ooo, I like that sweater, too! And the yarn sounds lovely, as recycled fibers are often soft. Looking forward to seeing how it comes out (and thinking I might need one of my own).

  2. I am making this sweater too Vicki — guess I should get back to it, mine is relaxed I think…

  3. You are such an enabler. I love that sweater and had to get the pattern so I can make it when I get home in a few weeks.

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