Best laid plans

…run amok. I have posts in the works/on my mind about North Carolina, a new dress, a romper for Junah, a new shawl… and I'm held up by photos. I transferred a bunch off of my phone to the computer yesterday and, well, I'm just a bit photo-challenged at the moment!

Here's one from the weekend, though.


I'll try to make some sense of the rest tonight!

7 thoughts on “Best laid plans

  1. Love the preview of photos to come on your side bar. You and Junah look so perfectly comfortable together. It’s a calm and peaceful photo of two very happy people.

  2. *sigh* this is a beautiful shot of you both. and I love that the black and white let’s “just you” shine through. the rest can wait…because moments like this don’t!

  3. That’s a lovely picture.
    I still have pictures from an April retreat that I haven’t blogged.
    And isn’t Instagram fabulous? A quick thought gets posted, and eventually maybe blogged…

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