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Right Now – July

Anticipating… the Friday opening of HERE AND AWAY at The ARTGarage in Green Bay, a photography show curated by Kate and presented by Young Space.


#tbt #sparklers – I'm thinking 1963 in Madison, where my Uncle Cliff was either in medical school or doing a residency. Pictured, my cousins Gail & Gordy and their mother, Aunt Cece, at left; Sharon, Mom holding Michael, Karen, and me.

Celebrating… the 4th of July! I'll be making lemonade at the farmers' market in the morning, also cheering on all of the participants in the annual Firecracker 5K Walk/Run. (We're either going to be very busy at the market, or very not busy… hard to say.) That will no doubt be followed by a short nap, and later I'll happily enjoy watching fireworks on TV while I knit.

Drinking… sparkling water with fresh lemon and/or lime juice, and sometimes gin; also the occasional caipirinha.

Enjoying… some fabulous weather!

Itching… to SEW, SEW, SEW!

Knitting… I'm still, very slowly, plugging away at Prickly Poppy, but most of my knitting time (or tinking, if you want to look at it that way) has been devoted to the current TTL Mystery Shawl.

Listening… to Bear's Den: Islands. "Think of England," a song from that album, was mentioned on a recent Ten on Tuesday list about the tunes on my playlist; I've since been listening to all of their music, and I really like it. A lot. The clip above is more of a "behind the scenes" kind of thing, with some nice glimpses of Scotland, and bits of songs and shows.

Reading… I'm still reading Still Alice.

Sewing… Embellishment of the front of my Alabama Chanin A-line Dress/Tunic continues! I'm at the half-way mark and hope to do a lot of stitching over the weekend.

Watching… (and loving) Justified; we've just begun watching Season 2 on Amazon Prime.

Wearing… my beloved Taos sandals. I slipped on a spill a couple of weeks ago as we left the wedding in Minneapolis and I sort of crumbled, both ankles twisting, and fell hard on my knees. My left ankle and knee fared a bit worse than the right, sore and swollen. The swelling was down enough today that I was able to comfortably slip into those shoes!


Wondering… what it's like to be so fearless! That's my baby (the one — the only one — who's also jumped out of airplanes), at/on McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail. It just makes me want to hug the ground.

5 thoughts on “Right Now – July

  1. That picture blows my mind! I hope she was safely off that ledge before she sent it to you! Everything else you are doing sounds great, I wish I could come drink some lemonade with you. Happy 4th!

  2. so many feelings all at once! happy, glad, nostalgic, worried…. life! Hope you get some peace of mind this weekend. but maybe not likely…the AT is kind of like that! (in any event, happy 4th!)

  3. If it’s any consolation that last pic sort of makes my tummy do flip-flops just looking at it! Happy 4th and happy sewing!

  4. Your daughter’s antics take my breath away. I had to tell myself to breathe! I am looking forward to the day your A-line dress is revealed! My TTL is stalled, as I’ve made no TV time (we loved Justified), but I have been beading! Hopefully the long weekend will help both projects. Hope your knee and ankle continue to heal and you have a wonderful weekend. Here’s a glass to you. *clink* xo

  5. love the throwback july 4 pic’s – back when wearing matching outfits was all the rage…. after watching Justified I will never look at Moonshine the same….love the series…can’t wait to see your dress

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