Friday Letters

Dear Summer,

Why you gotta come & go so fast?

* * * * *

Dear Work,

Why you gotta take up all my time?

* * * * *

Saturn then

Delivery day! June 5, 2000.

Dear 2000 Saturn SW,

Thanks for getting us there & back for 15 years and helping us make some memories. We couldn't have done it without you!

Saturn now

Thanks for the memories! July 8, 2015.

4 thoughts on “Friday Letters

  1. I always get a bit nostalgic when we trade in a car, so I’m glad to see that you take farewell photos like I do. I hope you get a vehicle that you’re happy with and that it lasts you another 15 years – or more!

  2. Oh, summer! Ple-ease stick around.
    All your letters hit home! EXCEPT…the best day of my life will be when (or if) I get rid of my current car, although it has taken me there and back for 95,000 miles of it’s 198,000, so no real complaints.

  3. Summer in the northland is a magical time because it is so beautiful* and so short.
    * Not counting ticks, mosquitoes, and deerflies.

  4. Why does everything have to go so fast? I do my best to slow down and be in the moment but last week’s vacation was a wooooosh of days!

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