As days off go…

It was a good one!


It started with coffee, just like every other day!


I set yarn to soak for indigo dyeing planned for later in the day.


Then I decided to tackle the Refashion 2.0 of this top. It was originally a large, wide, long-sleeved layering piece (at least that's how my mother always wore it). Mom gave it to me quite a few years ago and I wore it that way once or twice, too. Somehow, it occurred to me that it would be cute as a sleeveless almost-tunic top. I'm not sure what possessed me, because it was certainly not the rage to refashion clothing at the time, nor was I even sewing much then (or ever… I've sewn more in the past 18 months than I have in the past 56 years, including all those hours in Home Ec). I'd lopped off the sleeves and chopped off a chunk at each side; sewed new side seams, turned under the armholes (double-stitching, even), and VOILA! New top.


It turned out pretty good and I wore it for a while, but it's been taking up space in my closet for far too long now. I wore it again the other day and remembered why… it was a little snug under the arm.


So I fixed that yesterday!! It may be a wee bit roomier than ideal now, but I'm wearing it and… I'm happy with it!


Then I had a hair appointment. A little layering, some thinning, a wonderful head massaging shampoo… it feels (and smells) so good!


And then! I took this picture, put my gloves on, and played around with a bunch of yarn and stuff in the indigo vat for the next few hours.


I dyed some sparkly sock yarn.


I over-dyed yarn that I'd previously dyed with jewelweed (LOVE!).


I dyed the last of some now-discontinued worsted-weight merino.


And I dyed some yarn made from banana fiber! I have three of these hanks, originally lime green, but dipped only two into the indigo… the three (below, lower rung) would look fabulous together! Katie suggested a bag…


In addition to more yarn, I also dyed a long narrow length of pale yellow jersey and a pair of size 3T pink long-john PJs. I'm thinking an infinity scarf (or two) for the jersey. The long-johns are hand-me-downs from the youngest of my girls (at least), so are 20-some years old and quite faded; I plunked them in for a little blue revival. One button is missing and couple others are threatening to fall off, so I think I'm going to replace them all. Fingers crossed that they'll fit Junah!

I did some knitting while we watched a couple episodes of Justified last night — only 77 more repeats of the knitted-on edging to go before my TTL Mystery Shawl is finished.

The only thing that could have made yesterday better was time for sewing (and maybe a pedicure), but I'm going to take some time for sewing this afternoon! Priorities!!

8 thoughts on “As days off go…

  1. what a productive day!! I love all the indigo dye-ing (despite the #smurfhands you shared on Instagram!) … and I’m behind on the TTL shawl. Have yet to begin clue 6. Maybe this weekend? (except I have Go Set a Watchman waiting….)

  2. Everything is so pretty! Congratu;lations on all you got done.
    How great is “Justified”? One of my Knitters’ Hunk nominees this year is going to be Walton Goggins.

  3. What a beautifully productive day off! I was trying to decide which of the indigo skeins was my favorite, but they are all wonderful. Wishing you longer days for more sewing, dyeing, and your great crafty creativity!

  4. Busy day! Those blues are just wonderful, Vicki! I always love to see what you come up with when you head to the dye pots. . . Haircut looks fab, too!

  5. You have been more productive in a day than I’ve ever been in a month. I love seeing what you do with any dye and you really out did yourself with the indigo, but then…it IS blue! I love your hair and the length looks fabulous on you.

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