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The Indigo Boys (preview)


These were among the photos I posted on Wednesday morning when the boys and I made it out to the garage to start dipping our tied and bound garments into the indigo vat.

About an hour later, their big brother Sam posted a comment that included a link to a Guide to Child Labor Laws in Wisconsin! Haha.

I don't know why I chose those photos… that last one cracks me up even more after Sam's comment! In truth, they did do most of the "work," but only because they wanted to… and that allowed me to take photos!

The reality was more like this:



(Yes, they did wear pristine, white aprons…)


Boy, did we have fun!

It was our first-ever "Aunt Camp," and they want to come back… and stay longer! And my sister messaged me last night to say that they can't stop talking about it.

That makes me so happy. More to come… we were busy!!

5 thoughts on “The Indigo Boys (preview)

  1. I like your Indigo Boys even better than the Indigo Girls! I’m not surprised that you’re the cool aunt running a fun “Aunt Camp”. Looking forward to seeing the results of that child labor!

  2. Someday I would love to horn in on the “Aunt Camp”! The once pristine aprons will surely be put to further use as I doubt they’re days of dyeing are over. Did they wear the new t-shirts the first day of school? Lucky boys, lovely aunt….so much fun!

  3. Um, can I send my oldest to you for a weekend? I think he’d have a blast with you. And me too.

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