Year In Review

Year In Review: 2015

It's that time again!

As I have done sometime in December for quite a few years: Year In Review. I do it in words (the first sentence of the first post of each month) and in pictures (a favorite posted photo from each month) — the two are not necessarily related.

January 2015:

A quick run with Ali to pick up a vintage Formica set for the shop.


February 2015:

I'll be doing it all week.



March 2015:

I was looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, but my li'l sister called and she missed me!



April 2015:

WatchingLaw & Order UK



May 2015:

I made a point to take and label (with the date) and post a photo to Instagram everyday last month.



June 2015:

None of us ever tired of the vacations at the lake.



July 2015:

Anticipating… the Friday opening of HERE AND AWAY at The ARTGarage in Green Bay, a photography show curated by Kate and presented by Young Space.



August 2015:

In the 1940s (the World War II years) the demand for butter tubs and cheese boxes kept the Blum factories very busy.



September 2015:

The boss is on vacation and I'm working everyday this week… long days.



October 2015:

Humored by… that kid! He started pressing the button and…



November 2015:

By now, Daylight Savings Time has ended and most clocks in the U.S. have fallen back an hour.



December 2015:

1 – Pardon the repetition, but I walked 32 miles in November!


Note to self: Do more photo collages — choosing only one photo for some of these months is pretty much impossible!

6 thoughts on “Year In Review: 2015

  1. wow, look how much Junah has grown! .and how many photos you captured of your family and your crafting…it’s been a great year (and won’t it be fun to have another little one in the mix next year!?!)
    (and they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… I will be running a similar post on mere-et-filles next week!)

  2. I love when you do your Year in Review! Such a fun juxtaposition of words and photos. (And, yeah. That Junah is growing like a weed!!!) XO

  3. How great to see and read all these again! I love Addie’s card to Junah, Junah’s sweater, AC projects, family selfie – heck, I love ’em all! I hope 2016 will be full of even more creativity, fun, family, and love.

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