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Ten on Tuesday: Grocer gifts

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Gifts You Can Pick Up at the Grocery Store

This is a great topic and at first I wasn't sure I'd come up with 10 desirable items that one could pick up at the grocery store (never really thought about it before), but it's been a great exercise. There's something for everyone, a grocery store in almost every town, and never an excuse to arrive anyplace empty handed!

1 – I don't know about your grocery store, but every single one of mine has a little end-cap with Green Bay Packer, Wisconsin Badger, and local high school sports team paraphernalia. Everything from stickers, magnets and window clings to flags, hats, gloves, bottle openers, glasses (both to wear and to drink from), and more.

2 – Paperback books and/or Collector Edition magazines — sometimes a selection of hardcover books, especially at this time of year.

3 – Wine or Beer. There's a pretty good selection of basic wines, and the beer selection seems to be always expanding; included are varieties from local wineries and breweries.

4 – Booze. Ditto, with local distilleries. Not every grocery store carries wine, beer and liquor, but the bigger ones certainly do (gas stations, too… gas station gifts… perhaps a topic for another Tuesday!).

5 – Fresh Fruit Basket.

6 – Meat, Cheese & Cracker/Bread Basket or Tray.

7 – Candy — our store usually has a selection of handmade candy canes and boxed specialty chocolates from a very good local confectionery.


8 – Flowers or Plant — or some seasonal gifty thing from that department (such as an ornament).

9 – Gift Certificate/Card — either for the grocery store, or from another store (you can buy all kinds of them).

10 – Ingredients for all manner of "make your own" gift baskets: Everything one would need to make brownies or cookies, let's say, or a spaghetti dinner — they could even be presented in a suitable baking pan, bowl or colander also available for purchase at the grocery store.

11 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Grocer gifts

  1. I need to go grocery shopping in Wisconsin. You have some cool stuff in your grocery stores. But I love (and could do) the last idea of making your own gift basket with all the fixings for a meal. I never would have thought of that one on my own.

  2. They do sell all sorts of sports gear at the grocery store – I forgot about that one. Your knitting s’mores ornament is precious!

  3. Love your list! Especially sports related items. God knows that here in “Steeler Nation” everyone needs a “Terrible Towel” (or 10) LOL
    I propose we have a “10 on Tuesday” Blogger get together with our grocery lists – we know how to throw a party I think!

  4. I LOVE the gift basket idea … and that snowman ornament! your grocery sounds like a store where I’d enjoy shopping. Death’s Door gin and local chocolates? yum!

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