Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Proud Vicki (keep on burnin’)

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Did in 2015 That Make Me Feel Proud

Did this year go by fast, or what?!

1 - Got out of my English-speaking comfort zone and traveled to Mexico to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary!

2 - Helped my daughters with their various creative, adventure, and business ventures.


3 - I did more sewing this year than I've done in the last 30 years combined, and a good deal of it by hand! Endless Summer Tunic Dress, Upcycled T-shirt to Tunic, Catamount Tunic Dress, Bolero, Stenciled & Upcycled Wrap Skirt, a simple A-Line Dress, a few rompers for Junah, quilting w/Ali.


4 - I also tried indigo dyeing for the first time.


5 – And incorporated indigo dyeing as part of the first and very successful Auntie Camp. It will likely be an annual event! (And, if the boys have anything to say about it, even semi-annual.)


6 – I taught my nephews to knit during Auntie Camp, as well!

7 – Learned to make kombucha at Fermentation Fest!


8 – Participated in — and finished — a few knit-alongs: The Healthy Knitter's Mystery Knit-/Walk-Along (FO finished above, detailed post tomorrow), Romi's "Moon Shadows" 2015 Mystery Shawl, and Kirsten's "Liz Christy" 2015 TTL Mystery Shawl.




I was tickled to open my Book & Chocolate Exchange package from Sandy, which included a book for my grandson from her grandchildren! And Sweet Sloops! I've been on a Michael Perry bender, having recently finished Coop and currently reading Visiting Tom; The Jesus Cow will be next!

9 – I also participated in another year of Macro May and NaBloPoMoKim's Traveling Scarf project; Slow Fashion October; and the 1st Annual Book & Chocolate Exchange organized by Susan! I would/will participate in any/all of those things again next year!! So much fun.

10 – I possibly made a new Christmas Eve tradition when I made my first whole tenderloin! It was just Katie, Maddy, Rusty and I for Christmas Eve and I wanted to make something special. I nearly fainted at the butcher case when I priced 4-5 lbs, as called for in my recipe, but then realized that my recipe was to serve 8-10. Whew! Still, no small expense there, but so worth it. The girls and I had fun cooking together — braised kale, roasted potato stacks, and sauteed mushrooms were accompaniments — and Rusty insisted that we cut into one of the pies he'd made for our Christmas Day gathering! We even whipped the cream.

Here's to new adventures and accomplishments in 2016!

12 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Proud Vicki (keep on burnin’)

  1. So fun to check in each time you write and see what you’ve been up to. Wish I could come to indigo-dying camp. That sounds like a lot of fun.
    I did quite a bit of sewing this year too, after many years of mostly using my machine for mending. I used to make nearly all my children’s clothes when they were small because a)I had the time and b) no money for the lovely clothes I saw in the German stores. My focus was always on the product – getting done with one job so I could tackle the next. I think I paid so much attention to getting things done that I forgot to appreciate the process. When I started sewing again last year and this, I took things more slowly and deliberately, in part because of so many years of not sewing, and in part to let myself enjoy the process of the sewing itself.

  2. You’ve been an inspiration to many with your hand sewing. I’d hoped to finish my market bag, but it will be the end of January, but the end is in sight! I enjoyed watching your adventures through 2015 and look forward to watching your 2016 unfold, too!

  3. Your posts are always creative and inspirational, and I especially like your year in review list with a great title! I really want to thank you for your Michael Perry recommendations. Population: 485 was great and he really spoke to me in Truck. It may be one of my favorite books this year. I will most likely be reading more Michael in 2016, so thank you for pointing me towards this great guy!

  4. I had no idea that the sewing thing had been revived after a long absence – you are so fantastic at it that I figured it was just something that you have done for years but haven’t blogged about, lol!
    I’m learning to do new things with meat this year, too. I hope I will be as successful!

  5. I love these recaps of everyone’s highlights of 2015. Your year was great! I cooked a tenderloin last year on New Year’s Eve and YES it was pricey but also incredibly delicious and EASY. We’re having a few friends over tomorrow night but we’re doing apps and not a sit down meal, mostly because Dale thinks that is easier. I told him – nothing is easier than that tenderloin!

  6. what a WONDERFUL year! I’ve really enjoyed all the different family and craft activities you’ve shared here and on Instagram; look forward to more in 2016. And your Christmas Eve dinner sounds delicious! around here we are all about “not Thanksgiving food” and your menu really fits the bill!

  7. You have certainly been an inspiration to me this year with your amazing stitching!!
    Have a very Happy New Year, Vicki! (and yes, the year just FLEW by)

  8. Auntie Camp sounds like something I might want to attend!! = ) They are having too much fun in that bucket of dye. What a couple of cuties! Great capture of a fun moment.

  9. What a wonderful year! (I want to come to Auntie Camp, too. . . ) I also made a beef tenderoin for Christmas dinner this year. Awfully spendy. . . but worth every cent!

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