FO: A March Through Time Mystery Cowl

I'm not exactly sure where I ran across it, but on a bit of a whim at the end of October, I joined The Healthy Knitter's "A March Through Time" Knit-along and Walk-along, with clues released weekly Nov. 2-Dec. 7.



The pattern had a musical theme throughout, with theme and inspiration for the five separate sections derived from the seasons; specifically, Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons."


Interlude: The "snow" begins to fall.


Adagio: The stillness, calm, and solitude of winter… "bare branches."


Allegretto: New growth is everywhere with "sweet flowers."


Presto: The bountiful summer… complete with "berries."


Adantino: A final hurrah as the earth begins to show signs of slowing… "falling leaves."


Cheater: Three-needle bind off instead of kitchenering the ends together.


Not a cheater: I walked nearly everyday while knitting the project, totaling over 30 miles in November! I haven't done as well in December, since the tangle with Joe's dog and falling, and with that little thing called Christmas… so many get-togethers and parties, etc. But that will all soon change.

I truly love the finished cowl and have been wearing it A LOT… like, almost everyday-a-lot!!

10 thoughts on “FO: A March Through Time Mystery Cowl

  1. That’s beautiful! I bailed on mine on clue 3 or 4, I think. I wasn’t loving the pattern and I couldn’t walk because of the plantar fasciitus. Good for your for powering through, not just with the knitting but the walking, too.

  2. Such a lovely color and so fun with the different sections. Congratulations on all that walking! It’s really hard to get outside this time of year but you’re off to a great start for 2016!

  3. I’m glad to see the cowl, up close and personal. I used the WAL as incentive to get out and walk every day in November, but haven’t cast on for the cowl. I think that will be changing soon!

  4. The cowl turned out beautifully and I love the changing “movements”. Your yarn, both color and content, are just perfect. Good for you in getting your own movement going and meeting the challenge of walking every day.

  5. Your yarn ‘loves’ the pattern. Gorgeous color, great depth. The cowl is a lovely depiction of the beautiful music.

  6. Your cowl turned out just beautifully! I wasn’t quite loving the pattern, so bailed on mine (although if I’d seen yours first, I may have soldiered on). I did keep up with the walking, though. My dogs were most greatful for the KAL. . .

  7. Your yarn is a very similar colour to mine! It is very warm here in New Zealand at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll be wearing my cowl for a while. That’s OK with me 🙂

  8. What a great (double) finish to 2015! And the color you did was gorgeous. My own walking has taken a bit of a dive with the icy streets and walkways.

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