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Right Now: January

Knitting: Scoreboard KAL continues! I fell behind — the second half of the season being not as exciting (fewer wins) as the first — and just started Week 13 last night, which is a total of 50 rows. There's another 176 regular-season points/rows to knit after that, along with a dozen or so divider rows between games. I'm not sure about knitting post season yet. I will power through and finish this, though, because it will be one of the most awesome additions to my game-day wardrobe ever!

I'm also still working on an alpaca bunny for Junie; I've stalled at the head — sewing up & embroidering features (the make it or break it part).

Sewing: Grainline Studio's STOWE Bag. Also need to finish sewing the Alabama Chanin Long Vest; beading & finishing an AC Corset that has been languishing; and also finish the binding on an AC-inspired T-shirt refashion.

Reading: The Jesus Cow by Michael Perry, my book from Sandy during last month's 1st Annual Book & Chocolate Exchange.

Watching: River on Netflix.

Hoping/Anticipating/Dreading (rinse & repeat): First workouts next week with a personal trainer.

Thinking about: How much better I'll feel… after I first will likely feel worse.

Planning: Another quick o'night birthday celebration coming up in a couple of weeks in Milwaukee, this time with Annie!


Celebrating: Junah's 2nd birthday on the 12th (I can hardly believe it); party this weekend! When I told Annie about it, she wrote, "Mack says there's no way he's missing that!!!" So the boys will be here, too.

Remembering: Mum — her birthday is at the end of the month, she'd be 78.

Wishing: I didn't have to remember.

Eating: A lot of Mexican food lately!

Drinking: Margaritas from scratch!

Itching to: Get back to my sewing projects, but first…

Needing to: Get my workroom cleaned up! (Time and energy have been hit and miss lately.)

Organizing: EOY and tax stuff.

Wondering: When if I'll get the tree down this weekend.

Happy Weekend!

11 thoughts on “Right Now: January

  1. Oh yes, my trainer has asked me to come up with some ‘intentions’ for 2016. Um, I intend a lot of things, mostly, it’s survive the dark right now. Good luck with your trainer and likely more ambitious ‘intentions’.

  2. I discovered “River” on Netflix over the long weekend & really enjoyed it. I have the same “wondering” to accomplish this weekend, too – normally I take it down on the 1st while watching the Rose Parade. Once I get the Christmas gift re-knit, I’ll look @ the Scoreboard Cowl & hope for the motivation to dive back into it – pretty sure that it won’t get finished this season but I do want to take it through to completion.

  3. It sounds like your Scoreboard may be the longest cowl in existence! Happy Birthday to dear Junah; how is he two already?! I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on The Jesus Cow; the goodreads reviews are kind of meh. I think I have Michael Perry on my “all-around great guy and author” pedestal, so I don’t want to read TJC if it’s going to make that pedestal wobbly. I’m still thinking about his musings in Truck!

  4. You know I’m with you on the Scoreboard thing – I can’t decide what to do with the post season stuff. I started with my new personal trainer today and I was very anxious about the whole thing but it worked out great. Of course, tomorrow, I probably won’t be able to pick up my knitting because my arms will be so sore. But still – totally worth it and I wish you a great experience!

  5. I’m very glad I kept up with the KAL, otherwise it would be another WIP! I left mine as a scarf, did not want it as a cowl. It’s a good 9′!

  6. Even though you say energy has been low I see plenty of planning and moving forward on this list. Make sure your trainer is kind and sensitive to your needs. You don’t want to be so sore you lose motivation. Good for you in going for it! Junah! I can’t believe it!

  7. Best of luck with your trainer! It’s worth the work. And the tree…I’m going to wait another week! Have a nice weekend!

  8. that all sounds crazy BUSY! (hello new year, right?!) Enjoy the birthday celebrations…and I do hope the training goes well. I love having someone tell me what to do (even if it hurts) because it’s just easier than doing it on my own. I’ve got a margarita and yarn date with my sister tomorrow and I’m excited! (I can’t remember the last time I had a margarita!!)

  9. Since my Scoreboard was based on a college team, it ended a while ago. Continued good luck on yours!
    “The Jesus Cow” is a terrific title; must look into that!

  10. I loved River – watched it with my Mom – we both love English cop shows, right now watching Jessica Jones on Netflix – kinda lost about the “marvel” part but its a good gritty drama and David Tennant is the “bad guy” so its truly good for me….

  11. Good for you with the trainer!!! It’ll probably hurt a bit — but worth it overall. (Think of it as the payoff for the Mexican food and the from-scratch margaritas.) (Which sound to die for, by the way.) I can’t believe Junah is going to be TWO!!! Time really does fly. And I can’t wait to see your sewing. (And XO to you . . . for the remembering.)

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