• Knitting/Yarn


What little time I've lately spent on knitting has been on the second inner mitt of my Dimorphous Mittens, and I'm so happy to have only the thumb to go! I want to knit another set of outer mitts, too. I love this set and am so happy to be this close to replacing the one I gave away a few years ago!


I ran across this gorgeous Habu yarn a while back and couldn't recall why I bought it or when. And I still don't remember. Thanks to friends with excellent suggestions, I am developing a plan for a lace-weight boxy-type top!


  • Sewing


I was reminded that my Alabama Chanin-style sewing began in earnest two years ago with my first from-scratch garment. I stenciled an old t-shirt of Rusty's cut in the shape of a favorite top, and layered it over another old t-shirt. Voila. I still love & wear this top!


  • Mail


Incoming. (YIKES!!!) I half-consider this junk mail. Heh. I doubt that I'll go — because I've never gone to any except the 5th, and because it's the day before a cousin's wedding!


Outgoing. I managed to write two cards for Saturday's mail call. Lovin' that morning light.


  • Valentines


The artist and his work! * LOVE *  Is there anything better than a finger-painted Valentine??


These pics popped up a couple of times on various social media sites… Junah celebrating Valentine's Day two years ago with Great Aunt Karen and Aunt Maddy…


…and Great Nana. This is the lock-screen image on my phone, too. It's one of the very few photos of my mom and Junah, and definitely one of the best. I love the expressions on both of their faces… I can just hear her talking to him… he's so intently listening. Sweetness.

10 thoughts on “Bullets

  1. Your photos are lovely to look at, full of creativity, love, and memories. I love Junah’s artistic fingerpainting pose, his baby cardi, your mom’s hat, and most of all the photo of her with Junah. Priceless!

  2. I’m going to suggest if you have a good friend to go with…go. I didn’t go to any until we had a 35th. It was worth it. And then we can talk after (hahaha). Such a beautiful arrangement of pictures!

  3. Reunions are fun if your high school memories are good. Love the mittens and your plans for the next project. The newborn pictures of Junah are so sweet!

  4. I went to my 40th last summer and although I was less than sure about it I am really glad I went. Have reconnected (at least on FB) with some of my classmates, not that we were close back in the day but have a lot more in common today – If you can make it with someone I would go, we are going to have a “60th” next year – can’t believe we are all gonna be 60!

  5. What a fantastic list, especially Junah – Best. Valentine. Ever! I can hardly wait until my granddaughter can add to my “Kid Art Collection” which is, imo, some of the best art ever.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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