7-Year Itch


Seven years ago today this fresh-faced young woman opened the door and welcomed customers for the first time as operator of Kaukauna Coffee & Tea! About 8 months later, she bought the business and the building it's housed in. She's made a ton of changes and improvements to the business and property in 7 years and she's working on some more — HUGE — changes that'll hopefully be happening in the next few months.

Not to mention the changes in her personal life in that time, and the HUGE change that will be a new baby sis/bro for Junah, also happening in the next few months! Heh. Never a dull moment…

Congrats Ali!! xoxo

9 thoughts on “7-Year Itch

  1. Seven years! It has been my dream to spend an afternoon in Ali’s shop. She had a vision and she made it happen! You’re family is full of visionaries!

  2. I remember when you were first blogging about this Big Event. It’s amazing, isn’t it???, how much things change — and how fast???? Congratulations to Ali! What a Cool Thing! XO

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