April Birthdays!


April is a busy month for birthdays around here, from beginning to end! This is us on Monday night at Belts' Soft Serve in Stevens Point, after celebrating Kate's (4/22), Ali's (4/16), and Maddy's (4/25) birthdays with a family dinner at Mikey's in Plover.

It's actually a composite of THREE photos, because the youngest  of the group wasn't in the mood and the second-from-eldest was making (even) goofier faces, and there were various eye closures, etc.! Heh.

Two cousins already had birthdays this month (both on 4/1), as did an aunt (4/16). My uncle's 82nd birthday would have been (4/17).


And my granddad's 106th today!!

A nephew's is still to come (4/29).

And my new grandbaby still has time to make the cut!! His mama would love nothing more… IT'S PINS & NEEDLES TIME!


8 thoughts on “April Birthdays!

  1. so many birthdays…I wonder if that little one wants to join the crowd, or make a grand May entrance?! fingers and toes crossed it goes quickly no matter when!

  2. Sounds like this wee one is wanting to buck the system! Yay to May babies. It’s a terrific month for a birthday says this May birthday baby. 🙂

  3. As a May baby, I welcome the new addition to our club. Congratulations to you and your family.

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