Weekending: 4 nearly perfect days off

I did some knitting — a fair bit, actually — and successfully resisted casting on that baby sweater!!  ;)


Here's my progress so far on the TTL Mystery Shawl 2016. Those seem like some wild colors for me, but I'm so anxious to see what happens! I knocked off another clue on Romi's Not-So-Mysterious Shawl 2016, too; I think there are two clues to go!

While knitting, I was listening… and earned the Weekend Warrior badge on Audible for listening at least 5 hours on a weekend. That would be HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION! I'm to the point in the audio where Lin-Manuel Miranda is reading his footnotes… there's an accompanying PDF, but I just went ahead and ordered the book. That's something else that nephews and grandkids may enjoy — and I certainly enjoyed it enough to order a hard copy! I'm currently listening to the soundtrack on Spotify, but I'm sure I'll soon be ordering that, as well!

I spent a lot of time with the kiddos, including my nephews who had soccer games in the 'hood on Saturday, and a cook-out at Joe's. I haven't been over there in a while. Mom's wildflower garden is… going wild.

I made a slight change to my blog header to reflect what's going on around here.

I barely took any photos all weekend! But here's one… I tried to get Jün to stand in front of my Blue Angel hosta for scale, but he was too interested in riding his bike, so you have my foot instead. Unfortunately, that doesn't show you how TALL it is!


I made another rhubarb shrub, this time with white wine vinegar and a bit more sugar — I think it was a bit more smooth. Cherries are going to be hitting the pot soon!

I found this photo on my computer this morning and noticed that it was taken exactly a year ago today:


And here's one that his mom took yesterday:


Melting hearts for over 2 years now!

Can you believe it?

Hope you had a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Weekending: 4 nearly perfect days off

  1. Wow! That sweet toddler is now an irresistible young man! I’m also interested in seeing how your wild colors develop. I wouldn’t have thought to put those together myself, but I LOVE them, along with your gigantic hosta!

  2. A question/observation. Does it seem like the older child grows up, looks and actions, very quickly after the addition of another child? It seems like it with my grandkids. It’s a miracle, even if it’s just a mirage!

  3. that hat! that bouquet of daisies! those stripes… and you’ve convinced me to read (or rather listen to!) Hamilton. I love the soundtrack, but was intimated about the “tome”. (and of course, that new photo in your header is the best!) happy monday!

  4. The addition to your blog header is priceless! I was feeling very pleased with my “big” hosta today, but after seeing the size of yours I can see mine is a mini! Jün certainly has been melting hearts for 2 years!

  5. I think sometimes not taking a lot of photos is a sign of a relaxing weekend. Glad you got to enjoy 4 days off! And Junah has gotten so grown up! He must seem especially so now that there’s a tiny baby to compare him to.

  6. Holy Hostas! That is crazy! I will be picking up some white wine vinegar to try my next shrub, I just harvested more Rhubarb!
    And, that Jün is growing much too quickly! Really. It needs to stop!
    Love the blog change – it is perfect 🙂

  7. I have been curious about the shrub beverage idea for a while. Do you have a recipe you’ve been using and tinkering with? Always nice to find something new that is also refreshing for summer beverages. And holy cow, that hosta, is it named Audrey?!

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