Yesterday’s Parties


It was a party last Wednesday when I took Jün to see the NEW Zoo Mobile at the library, and then we played with some of the fun stuff there (never even making it over to the main play area!).


It was a party on Friday night at Match Factory for the opening of Matthew Bakkom's installation: Yesterday's Parties.


It was a (simple, elegant & stunning) party on Saturday night when I assisted my niece in photographing a wedding; the reception held at the beautiful Warch Campus Center at Lawrence University.


It was a party on Sunday morning when Jena came over and met her first cousin once-removed Gin for the first time!


And later, when I took Jün to the grocery store and he spotted a balloon that looked like "Nemo!"


It was a party when I spotted the first baby tomatoes on the deck!


It was a party last night at Movie Night at the library. We got sprinkled on a little bit, and then this:


It's party all the time!! Hope you had a great weekend, too!

5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Parties

  1. You are a party animal (at some really beautiful parties)! I love how you even shop at Festival Foods. That last photo is breathtaking!

  2. what a fun way to celebrate the big and the little things. that Zoo Mobile looks like a blast (must think about getting Charlie to the kids’ museum this fall – they have exhibits like that I think) and of course baby Gin and her brother are always my favorites!

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