9 thoughts on “Fall back!

  1. that’s a wonderful birthday gift! tonight is my favorite night of the year. I also love tomorrow when it feels perfectly fine to eat an early dinner and go to bed a little earlier…because it’s dark!

  2. Even though I much prefer THIS time change to the one in the spring, it seems I have a harder time adjusting to this one. (Not sure what that’s about, because who can argue with an extra hour of sleep. . . )

  3. While I don’t look forward to more darkness, that’s going to happen no matter how we fiddle with the clock, so maybe I’ll stay up “late” for some extra reading and knitting. I’m going to put an extra hour of sleep on my birthday list (but I probably won’t receive that gift with a June birthday).

  4. I dislike the fiddling with the time as well. It seems to goof things up for more than my internal clock! But, three cheers for an extra hour of birthday sleep!

  5. I do enjoy the sun well into the evening in the summer and can’t imagine what it would be like to have it rising at 4 in the morning instead of 5. But my biological clock seems to take its time adjusting to the time change each time it happens. Happy Birthday!

  6. It was nice to see the light early this morning, but I will mourn at 5:00 tonight. Happy Birthday! I happily celebrate this day as Vicki Day! May there be much joy and celebration for you today!

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