NaBloPoMo 2016

Knittin’ on

Knit on,
with confidence and hope,
through all crises.

–Elizabeth Zimmermann

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

There's another pair of Squad Mitts on the needles.


Well, actually, one off and another about to go on.


I'm using only three colors this time. Shades of gray and natural, though there's a fair bit of purple-blue in those grays.


I think I'm going to re-work the bind-off. My regular "loose" bind off on the first pair could have been just a bit stretchier. On this pair, I used the k2tbl method and it's just a bit too stretchy.

It gives me something to do while I grieve, process, and think.

Book club was helpful last night, too.


Meanwhile, the weather's sure been nice. There's a dip on the way, though, and we may even have our first hard frost of the season tomorrow night.

12 thoughts on “Knittin’ on

  1. So much to ponder, although I hadn’t considered the topic of the flavor of leaves. LOL.
    I’m also pondering me a pair of those Squad Mitts. Thumbholes have not been my friend. Maybe if I can conquer those i can conquer some of the world’s other problems.

  2. Love those Squad Mitts! And Gin! I had to attend a dinner last night and I was fortunate to sit next to a VERY important Democrat from my town. He made me feel a lot better.

  3. I had forgotten that EZ quote and am glad you have reminded us. Knitting was a solace yesterday and I’ve had to retreat into a world without news of any sort, and most especially without facebook. That’s good for now, as knitting, reading, Netflix, and our supportive knitting/blogging community are positive and uplifting. That and a sweet photo of Gin tasting leaves!

  4. Ah yes, the taste of leaves…they go so well with rocks and twigs too! (I do remember tasting all at some point). Thanks for the quote – love it. And Squad Mitts…I need to get that book. I am in love with all the Mitts I’ve seen.

  5. I love reading your blog and felt my heart go out to you. This result is very distressing right across the liberal, open minded world. We had the same feelings with Brexit and that has come back again with the sense that all the progress made is now in reverse.
    The leaves don’t look too tasty. My daughter used to crawl round the garden and try worms. Brings back memories.

  6. I need to get on the Squad Mitt bandwagon – choosing the colors looks like so much fun! Gin is adorable as always; thankful for the little ones’ smiles this week!

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