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There was a frost on Friday night, but it wasn't a hard/killing frost. I'm glad we brought the succulents inside — and they will stay inside — but it's starting to feel a little freaky. Green grass. Flowers…

This was my sunny view of the Garden Room from the kitchen table on Saturday morning, and I can't think of a nicer way to set the tone.



I don't know what's gotten into me, but here we have Christmas horning in on the front porch before Halloween has even been cleaned up and while the grass is still green! And Christmas music! I finally had a chance to listen to all the tracks on Leslie Odom's Simply Christmas album and it is spectacular — mostly familiar songs, but with a smooth, jazzy spin. If I had to describe it, Johnny Mathis meets Vince Guaraldi comes fairly close.


Yesterday morning, the first thing I saw on Facebook was that my daughter had marked herself safe after (during) the earthquake(s) in New Zealand! There were a lot of aftershocks, big ones. Check out this article on The Guardian — scroll down a bit and you'll see a graphic showing the activity over a 12-hour period; Maddy is currently with "Kiwi family" in Blenheim, and had just been in Kaikoura last weekend. You can read her account of the quake here.

After running around a bit on Saturday — shopping, lunch, etc. — I spent a quiet Sunday at home knitting and puttering while also keeping an eye on the news from NZ and an unfortunate football game.

Oh, and I made a really yummy meatloaf! Next time, I'll make two!!

8 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. My grape hyacinth and regular hyacinth bulbs have seemed confused by warmer than usual temps for the past several years, and you’re right, this year is really freaky. I’m afraid I might have daffodils blooming soon.
    I don’t usually think about Christmas decorating until well into December, but I like how cheery your door looks with a wreath. The best news is that Maddy and Kiwi family are safe, and I hope, hope, hope things remain that way.

  2. We’ve had some pretty good frosts but there is still lots of green around. I’m ready for an early Christmas this year, too. I think it started due to election season anxiety and now it’s in full throttle with post election blues. So glad Maddy is okay!

  3. We’ve not had a hard frost yet, but one is coming in Thursday (20s!). It will surely head your way next. I enjoy keeping up with Maddy and know her amazing adventures will continue.

  4. So glad Maddy and Kiwi Family are safe! Wow! What a surprise that must have been . . . Your plant nook is so inviting and welcoming. Wish I could sit down with you to do some knitting and sip some tea. XO

  5. Glad Maddy is OK. I am up to my eyeballs in cooking two Thanksgiving dinners this week at church, one of them rather massive. Thank goodness next week is all about the pie for my job. I’ve barely thought of Christmas due to the above. I’m just going to whistle past that graveyard a little longer, like until I can catch my breath.

  6. So glad Maddy and her host family are OK. That’s one “adventure” I know she wasn’t planning! Hope your calm Sunday got this week off to a good start.

  7. I am so thankful that Maddy is okay. And, I am with you on the easing in of Christmas – perhaps it is that we all need a bit more Christmas in our lives right now. Anyways, my village will begin to appear this week. No Santa yet, but it is coming!

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