Way, way back

Rusty has a couple of drawings in the 72nd Art Annual at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay and we drove up for awards night on Tuesday. While he wasn't a winner this year, we know some who were, as well as many other artists in the show.

In addition to art, the museum houses science and history exhibitions.


So our art outing included a side of local history… starting way, way back in time!

The permanent exhibit is called On the Edge of the Inland Sea, but you enter through an "ice cave," and our kids have always just called the entire exhibit The Ice Age Cave – and it's been a favorite since childhood.


These pieces are part of a larger exhibit about copper and I am smitten with those shapes — and the color. I love verdigris.


The first thing that caught my eye in this display were the words "Speckled Touch-Me-Not" and "Bloodroot," both of which I have growing in my back yard — and probably some of the others, too. I've actually used Touch-Me-Not for dyeing, but not Bloodroot as it is toxic. I doubt anyone would dye from knitting with Bloodroot-dyed yarn, but it can be a significant respiratory irritant and I'm not comfortable subjecting anyone to that! Natural does not always equal safe.


There were some nice textiles on display, including some examples of bead work and a couple of cross-stitch samplers — a past passion of mine!



WASHKOSH FROM OSHKOSH! I can't believe I've never heard of the Washkosh Vacuum Washer!!


There was nothing to identify this loom-ish (?) type item. Does anyone know what it's called, how it's used, what it makes?


That chatelaine caught my eye. I was fascinated by them for a while, too, and wanted one in the worst way — that, and a hemming bird. Once in a while I'd see them at an antique show, but they were always very expensive. I satisfied myself with a nice sterling silver needle case. I'm happy to simply admire a chatelaine when I see one and don't want to own a one anymore, but I still wouldn't mind a hemming bird — that's something I would actually use.


This stuff is so fascinating…


In addition to the Green Bay Packers, paper is another thing that put Green Bay — and surrounding communities — on the map. Fort Howard, James River, Georgia Pacific, Neenah, Kimberly Clark, and Kleenex are names you may be familiar with.

Aren't local museums fun??

8 thoughts on “Way, way back

  1. What FUN! I love museums like that — and I especially love seeing collections of old crafting materials.
    I have never heard of a “hemming bird” before. How clever, practical, and just lovely!

  2. What a great trip to the museum! I think I want every item on the table in the chatelaine photo, and that loom thing has made me really curious. Some sort of round tape loom? Could it have been used to make that item on the left side of the photo (is it a slipper)? I’ve spent a little time searching but couldn’t find anything similar. I do love how they’ve got a bit of everything, from the Ice Age Cave to the Washkosh!

  3. Fun and informative and just plain cool – thank you for the mini-tour! Now that I need bright light to knit and stitch and I’m more amazed at all those tiny tiny stitches. Those antique tools are fun to look at, but I’m so glad we don’t have to use them!

  4. Thank you for the tour around your local museum! The textiles are lovely and I’ve always wanted a chantelaine, too! I love the photo of the piles of toilet paper! Too funny.

  5. Made me look! I had to look up what a ‘hemming bird’ was, not sure I’ve ever seen one.
    And yes, those paper company names are almost all familiar from various phases of my life.
    That loom? Clearly that is for weaving your own yoga mat bag! (yeah, maybe not)

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