When I’m not making arrows…

Well, hey. I'm going to think of that eclipse as a bit of a reset… focus, let some things go… ready, set, go!

Seriously, though, I didn't see much of the eclipse, but it was pretty cool!

I'm a little obsessed with Woman Must Make Her Own Arrows!


This was Triangle #2 as of last Wednesday.


I finished that and joined the triangles into an hourglass on Friday night, and then spent a lot of time over the weekend weaving in & trimming ends. Knitting resumed as of last night… I'm not sure I like what I did and may rip & re-do.

People do that sort of thing on occasion! I have done it, too, but every now and then I need a reminder. It's so freeing, and I can't say that I've ever regretted it!

The arrow-making is not portable knitting, so I did some sewing at knit night last week.


That is a tunic-length Alabama Chanin Factory Dress! I finished sewing all the seams and couldn't wait to try it on. What a fabulous & flattering cut on this dress! I still have to press and then fell the shoulder & side seams, then finish the neck & arm openings, and probably some finishing at the hem, too. It's a single layer of printed knit fabric, quite stretchy — and, yes, the same fabric design that I used to make a dress for Gin (hers woven, mine knit) (I really love that fabric design) (and I have more of both).

I finally re-did the seat of "my" kitchen chair last week. This is something that's needed to be done for quite while, but … procrastinate … also, where did I put that fabric? Well, I recently ran across the fabric, but the biggest motivator was when Gin started picking at the exposed cotton & foam.


It's not perfect, but it's done. I could use a few more upholstery nails but there were casualties in the process, and I don't have any more of that design! I salvaged as many as I could.

Random thoughts:

  • Floor needs refinishing!
  • I need a pedi!


I watched the kids for a while on Saturday while Ali had her hair done. We had fun with chalk + water. Kate had arrived home on Friday from a "reset" trip to Toronto/Grand Rapids, and stopped over for some kid time, too! (She started her new job at UWGB today!!)


I captured this still from a Snapchat video that Ali shared on Sunday morning. Junah was super interested in what Grandpa was doing in the studio… pulled up a chair and had his first little art "lesson." This gives me all the feels, including the nostalgic ones when I remember all the artwork produced at that elbow by the girls over the years.


This isn't the first time I've cooked some of the potatoes that I grew, but it's the first time I photographed them. I think they are all represented here: Dark Red Norland, Oneida Gold, Blue Adirondack (purple), Superior, and French Fingerling. Man, are they ever good. The more I make them, the more I'm looking forward to upping my potato game next year!

10 thoughts on “When I’m not making arrows…

  1. There is so much goodness in this post! I love your new dress and the recovering of your chair looks great. And oh, those potatoes! And the grandkids, too, of course.

  2. This post showcases your multi-craftualism and how much fun I think I would have visiting you for a day. Your AC tunic is beautiful and fits perfectly, the chair looks good, and the kids are happy! I can’t judge the arrows (what an interesting construction!), but a rip and re-do was just what I needed. That beauty shot makes me want to grow potatoes. Do they have slightly different tastes (or are they all just delicious)?

  3. I’m smiling big time after reading this post- so much is going on in your house. Your dress looks wonderful-you’ve lost weight. The chair is revived-love the fabric. I am again inspired to grow potatoes after seeing yours. I’ll have to check on growing season in FL. Jun’s purple hands triggered memories of my own girls with similar hands. Thanks again for sharing your family and your talents.

  4. I just love the Factory Dress design. It is flattering on EVERY body in EVERY fabric. Maybe the Best Pattern Ever. 🙂
    I am really eager to get started making my own arrows. But, alas. I’ve got a wedding first . . .
    And everything in your post . . . just made me smile!

  5. The AC Factory Dress is so flattering! Your fabric works perfectly with the pattern. I’m curious about the arrows and where you’re going. I’ll be interest to see what you do next. Love seeing Jun and Rusty’s table and Gin’s big smile! They are so, so cute!

  6. What a happy post! Love that shot of you and Gin – so cute (both of you). Your tunic/dress is gorgeous and fits you perfectly. I love, love, love garden potatoes. They taste so different than ones you get in the store. Our neighbor just told us he got 10 lbs of potatoes from the few extra starter ones we gave him!! I get the shakes when I think of recovering chairs….oh, and I need a pedicure also…

  7. I think that garden potatoes are close to the finest food on earth! That chair cover is so great, that dress is so great and those children! They bring me joy each and every time I see those faces!

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