Year In Review

Year In Review: 2017

Wow. It's that time again!

As I have done sometime in December for quite a few years (since 2006?!): Year In Review.

I do it in words (the first sentence of the first post of each month) and in pictures (a favorite posted photo from each month) — the two are not necessarily related.

January 2017:

Another reader in the making. Books, books, books!


February 2017:

(Dear February,) I don't usually look to you for comfort, inspiration, warmth… or sunshine… but, boy, I sure could use all of that and more right now.


March 2017:

(Wow. Wow. Wow.) I left Green Bay on Tuesday – Fat Tuesday – bound for New Orleans, with a stop in Chicago. 


April 2017:

Obviously, sewing buttons on a handknit baby sweater is way more fun than working on taxes.


May 2017:

In the bizarre, I assisted with some unplanned car buying last week.


June 2017:

(Dear June,) Yeah, well, I'm glad you're here.


July 2017:

We bid fare-thee-wells on Tuesday morning, sending Ann & family off to work/school.


August 2017:

(Unraveled Wednesday) Literally, on Tuesday afternoon.


September 2017:

We arrived in St. Louis late Saturday morning, and our first stop was for food!


October 2017:

On Friday night, we bit the bullet and finally ordered a new fridge!


November 2017:

(KNITTING.) I mentioned the Stillness Collection a little over a month ago; I'd ordered it, and have since received it


December 2017:

Anticipating… a fun, long(er)(than last time) weekend in St. Louis with Kate! 


I'm sure I must say it every year: I can't quite believe the year is almost over!

8 thoughts on “Year In Review: 2017

  1. It does seem to have flown by extremely fast this year, doesn’t it? I love seeing your photos again — and just remembering all your posts from the past year. Thanks for the review! Always fun. XO

  2. The year went buy more quickly than any year of my life (they say that happens). I remember your year, your very, very busy year. It was full of ups and downs, mostly ups (eh?)! xox

  3. I’m happy to see so much knitting, making, and your wonderful family growing up. Time really does fly, sometimes far too fast, buy you manage to seize the day and make the most of it!

  4. This has been a busy year for you with lots of changes and travel. Thanks for sharing with us. I got to travel with you and watch your family grow up. I loved the creative stimulus. Happy holidays.

  5. What a fantastic year … all over the world! This is one of my favorite posts of yours and I look forward to borrowing the idea for my blog next week.

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