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Weekending: Sewing, Relaxing

Just before the kids left on Thursday night, I remembered to have Gin try on her new dress so I could measure for the hem. I took care of that little detail on Saturday morning!


I guess I've got the sewing bug at the moment! I picked up a cute Disney fat-quarter bundle at Joann's a few weeks ago featuring Mickey Mouse — I couldn't resist it then and it's been calling to me ever since! I had to listen…


I had a blast putting that together — it's a Made By Rae Geranium Top for Malina. I made the 3-6 month size because she is growing!! It's the first one I've made with the pleated skirt variation.

There was enough fabric leftover that I thought I'd try to cobble it together, along with something from my meager fabric stash, to make a coordinating top for Ginny. I've made the bodice, which looks much the same as Malina's, and here's the skirt front underway:


I'm making the pleated skirt for this one, too, and it will also have POCKETS! The skirt back will be made entirely of the "extra" fabric. I originally wanted to use white for the "extra," but I didn't like the weight of it compared to the MM fabric, so… it's not perfect, but I think it'll be cute enough.


Ali sent a few photos this morning. I think that Malina can't take her eyes off of her new top!!

She brought the kids over last night for ice cream cones…


…to celebrate (Grand) Father's Day! I love how Malina's got her eyes on Ginny! Junah's all wet because he was dousing himself with a water bottle — it was pretty hot & sticky yesterday.


So relaxed, and too cute!!

Let's see, what else… We went to a couple of art/music things on Friday evening. We did a run for some gravel on Saturday, and also to try and find a rain barrel that I liked; didn't find one, so ordered one that I hope looks as nice in person (we shall see on Thursday!). I had my first-ever 90-minute massage on Saturday, too, during which I may have fallen asleep once or twice, but also resulting in my arm/shoulder feeling SO MUCH better! And I didn't even know that my left kneecap was in so much need of attention until she started working it… aahhhhhh. It was true bliss.

The weekend ended with this message from Al:


A swishy & swirly one, I bet!!

10 thoughts on “Weekending: Sewing, Relaxing

  1. I love your prolific sewing for the grandkids, and it’s pretty clear that they do also! That photo of all three of them is priceless and I’m not surprised that Junah wants a dress, too.
    I’m beginning to have some arm and shoulder issues myself, and they’re making knitting (and a lot of other things) more difficult and painful. I’ve been slathering the area with Aspercreme and arnica, but a massage sounds wonderful. Thanks for the great idea; I’m going to give it a try later this week.

  2. Those hand sewn clothes are absolutely perfect! I haven’t sewn anything in ages, just repairs and hemming stuff but you’ve got me jonesing to sew something!

  3. Oh. Oh. Oh. I am just in love with your darling sewing projects. Just adorable! (And of course Junah wants one, too. Because SIBLINGS.) (Can you get anymore of that fabulous fabric???) Malina is getting big so very quickly! XO

  4. To cute! I love that little Mickey Mouse Dress! It is just too sweet! And, I love that Jun wants something too… that is just perfect! Sewing is such an instant gratification thing, isn’t it!!

  5. oh that last little bit – LOVE it! well, and all the other good stuff you shared in the post. I am in awe of your sewing and creativity with the fabric. You are getting your money out of that Geranium Top pattern for sure!

  6. Those grandkids are darling! They might remember all those clothes, but you certainly will.
    Is it this age-time that some of us have some aches to our hands, arms, and shoulders? Hopefully the knitting and sewing will ride it out. Cross your fingers, or not.

  7. That has to be the cutest top ever!! And Gin’s dress is darling. Of course Jun wants one – he wants in on all the fun. Love the picture of Rusty with the kids. what a great shot! Glad you managed to get the massage…I know I’m definitely due for one.

  8. You have such a wonderful vision of what to do with fabric. I love the way the kids are always dressed with a certainly feeling of the “old days”. They look so well dress in a casual and playful way. They are just THE cutest grandchildren ever! Thank to you!

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