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Speaking of found things, particularly money…


Spot the $20 bill!

I have a couple of tins in which I keep my traveling sewing supplies — various types of needles, thread, scissors, thimbles — and at the bottom of one is a $20 bill. It's been there for a long time — a few years — and I can't recall why I put it there in the first place, but I keep forgetting about it and am surprised when I find it again… every.single.time. I doubt I'd even remember it was there if I was ever so desperate!!

Oh, Alabama!! It was a year ago that Kym & I were at the Alabama Chanin 3-Day Workshop — I've been seeing FB reminders of that very fun trip. My "I Got Swamped" pin from Judy Hood's Swampette Tour is peeking from under some scissors in the top tin. I wish I was further along on my Car Jacket, but it's been out on my work table and I've definitely been thinking about it… even making a stitch now and then. *sigh*

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  1. I’m glad there is a semi-forgotten $20 to find! It’s always nice to know that you’re never completely broke and can still buy yarn!

  2. I’ve been thinking about it, too. (I want to go back!!!) I haven’t made much progress on my dress, either. We have to remember, though, that we’ve made lots of other things in the past year — and YOU have a new grandbaby to love!!! It’s been a full year, hasn’t it???

  3. I’m sure there is a joke there somewhere about the $20 bill, but eludes me. Instead, let me just observe that it is at least a happy surprise when it happens.

  4. How quickly time flies! It’s hard to believe it was a year ago you two were on your great adventure. I’ve taken very few stitches in my AC T in last year, as well. There are many other creative outlets to follow and the time comes ’round for each one eventually.

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