NaBloPoMo 2018


I didn't do any yarn dyeing or rearranging of furniture yesterday (to speak of), but I did wash windows and do some holiday decorating outside. It was in the mid-40s(F)!!

I bought a really nice window washer/squeegee thing a few years ago and it's one of the best things I've ever purchased! It made such quick work of the kitchen windows — which had been driving me nuts now that it's full-on morning sun instead of filtered — that I moved on to the garden room windows and then I had the bright idea to do my dye studio windows!


These are windows that had been painted (exterior storms) once or twice in 31 years but opened for the first time only last year! I had never washed them — and I'm pretty sure that the painter/Rusty didn't (at least not to specs) — so it was quite thrilling to see the difference. Clean on the left, dirty on the right — at this is without the storm windows, so it was even a bit worse.


I did this candy cane stripey thing on the front porch pillars (different/bigger pillars) years ago and the kids always want me to do it again. I don't always… but this year, it's DOUBLE! It turned out OK, I think.

Then, of course, it was time for a nap.


I am working on the Appleseed Mitts from the Mason-Dixon Field Guide No. 8 – Merry Making! I'd already bound off the first mitt and this was my re-do… it was too tight the first time, of course! VeryPink's YouTube tutorial for a tubular bind-off was just the ticket! I finished that (perfect!), knit the thumb, and am on my way with mitt #2.

7 thoughts on “24

  1. A few years ago I tried to buy a squeegee/scrubber but no luck. I even asked at the gas station if they would sell me one. Nope. (So I stole one from that gas station. Don’t tell anyone.)

  2. There clearly (ha, ha) needs to be a post on your window washer/squegee thingy. I’m curious too.
    I love wrapped columns and double is super cool.

  3. My windows tilt in which theoretically make the easier to clean . . . and yet I still don’t do it. I wonder if the squegee thing would help? Hmmm. I like your candy cane striped posts out front!

  4. Love your candy cane striped posts! We have eight of them that I’ve wrapped every year since we moved in, but I’ve never thought of doing them double. Maybe this year – yours look really elegant!

  5. Seeing the difference between clean and not clean windows is not only cool, but very artistic. The gold plants really show off the sparkle! The pillars are fun!

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