3TT: Three Things on Thursday

3TT: Down Under

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday…

Those three things being some recent photos that Maddy shared from Australia! Some of you follow her on Instagram — and if not, here you go: @maddymooothes!


Do you see the koala in the tree?

Maddy & Viv were visiting family (hello, SHEEP FARM) and are now traveling a bit (Outback!) before vintage work begins in a couple of weeks — Viv at a winery in Australia, and Maddy back in NZ at Wither Hills again. She's sent us photos of kangaroos, wallabies, and fruit bats (lots 'n lots of big ol' fruit bats) besides sheep, sheep doggies, koalas, and lizards (several varieties of those, too, and also big!).

OK! Who doesn't want another cute koala photo now?


TGIT! Tomorrow's my day off and I'm ready! We had a lot of snow fall yesterday — no snow day because, you know, it didn't actually start to pile up until after I got to work — and other than having to scrape/brush it all off of my car at the end of the day, it wasn't bad. But tomorrow, it's gonna be COLD — the Wind Chill Advisory advises chills as low as -25 to -35F tonight and tomorrow!! So cold. It'll be a great day to stay in, and I have plenty to keep me busy.

12 thoughts on “3TT: Down Under

  1. And it is warm summertime “down under”, lucky ducks.
    Brr, another bitter day – stay cozy with tea, book or knitting. Sounds like heaven.

  2. Thanks for those awesome photos – I’m now following Maddy on instagram. Enjoy your day off tomorrow, sounds like a great day to snuggle in and enjoy being home!

  3. Love the pictures (especially the koala bears – too cute). And I’ll be following Maddy as well. Enjoy tomorrow and Stay Warm!!!

  4. Well…I put in a request to follow her. I was hoping she would blog again…but I imagine she is BUSY and IG is much easier/faster.

  5. Love that koala= such a cutie. Just reading those temps is chilling me- I’m stuck inside with pneumonia but it is 60 outside and the sun is shining. Stay warm

  6. That first koala is such a great shot. Off to see about following her on IG. NZ is on our radar for about 2021 and a little vicarious touring might help that seem closer. Stay warm!

  7. I loved seeing Maddy’s photos on Instagram. The koala was a real treat! (I’m sure it was amazing for her!) Stay warm! We always know what to do when we’re stuck inside. Our Monday was a bigass snowstorm and I enjoyed my day inside!

  8. That first little koala bear just stole my heart! If I were there, seeing REAL koalas in the wild, I’d be making a fool of myself with the happy-squealing I’m sure! (Kind of like I did when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time. . . so embarrassing . . . ) XO

  9. Love these photos! And I hope you’re having a fantastic day inside all warm, well fed and doing whatever you love best today!

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