3TT: Three Things on Thursday

3TT: Hello, March

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday…

1 — The second stem of my gorgeous, delicate amaryllis has begun to bloom — six buds!


I love it so much! It's right in view from my seat at the table — the Garden Room is one of the best features we made in this house, especially wonderful in (a long snowy) winter.


1b — I'm pretty happy that we'll at least see stem #1 of amaryllis #2 in bloom before we leave for Spain. I may have our house sitter send me photos as it develops. That's not too weird, is it??

2 — Good company, good food & drink, fun & games.


Rusty & I met Ali and her friend/co-worker Kristin at 313 Dodge, which is co-owned by friend and former co-worker, Janel, for Beer/Wine Bingo Night! We shared & enjoyed some yummy food (last chance for a few things, as the menu is changing next week) and had a blast playing BINGO! I never won a game when I used to go to Sunday night Bingo at the local Catholic church, but I won last night!!


I conveniently placed my morning pick-up order with Kristin before we left, and had this most delicious avocado toast for breakfast today! So good.

3 — You may call her LADY KATE!!



Kate's early birthday gift arrived just in time on Tuesday afternoon!! She happened to be sitting at the kitchen table when I brought in the mail and I just handed it to her with little fanfare — other than a big excited grin! I hadn't got around to telling Rusty that I'd pulled the trigger on this (though I'd mentioned it to him as an idea several months ago), so it was a little surprise for him, too! I don't know how I first became aware of Highland Titles, but I've followed them on social media for years, and this was finally the year. Kate's reaction was EXACTLY as expected, she was thrilled, Rusty was thrilled, I was thrilled… it's the best gift ever!

She's planning to be in Scotland in May with her friend Shannon, and definitely in this very part of the Highlands, so I hope they go scope out Kate's "estates." Haha! I'll keep you posted.

Now to find something equally as inspired for Ali & Maddy!! Their birthdays are coming up right quick.

12 thoughts on “3TT: Hello, March

  1. What an awesome gift! I can’t wait for the next giftable occasion – I’m going to do that for my kids. And maybe for myself because I think I’d probably have more fun with it than they would.

  2. That gorgeous amaryllis may be some kind of record! I think the second photo of your plants in the garden room with the snowy landscape as a background may be one of my favorites ever. As mother of Lady Kate, I believe that also makes you royalty, Lady Victoria. I’m so glad this truly inspired gift arrived sooner rather than later!

  3. That’s a fabulous gift! And your amaryllis – oh my goodness! I’m still waiting on mine but they are finally growing.

  4. Oh, I’m just loving Kate’s gift! (Or, I should say . . . LADY Kate’s gift!) And I love the outlines on your amaryllis. THE BEST! XO

  5. That may be the most beautiful amaryllis ever! I saw Kate’s gift on IG and thought…WOW what a wonderful idea! Not weird to ask for flower photos either!

  6. Your amaryllis is spectacular, or maybe your photos of a lovely amaryllis are spectacular.
    I think there really need to be pictures of Lady Kate on her plot of ground. I mean, really.

  7. Awesome gift Vicki. Good luck with the next ones -lol. Echoing Robby, Lady Kate needs to take a shot on land.
    Your Amaryllis is Amazing!!

  8. Those flower faces are just gorgeous and they seem to be ignoring all that snow out the window! So – beautiful and smart!! LOL
    And, I LOVE Kate’s birthday gift! That is just amazing!

  9. The gift is one of pure love! What a great idea, a PERFECT idea for Kate. I hope your house sitter will follow through with pictures as that amaryllis could be as amazing as the one blooming. I am VERY envious of your avocado toast!

  10. That is an awesome gift. I love your blooms- I vote for the housesitter to take pix for you.
    I used to play Bingo at a church with my cousins, we never won but we did have a fun evening.

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