NaBloPoMo 2023

30: That’s a wrap

Spotify Wrapped 2023!

Gregory Alan Isakov is back on top!

It’s a completely different list than last year… which may be explained by this:

Yeah, I’ll call it ECLECTIC!

I am a little surprised that Posty has the top song spot! haha. Can’t argue with stats…

And in other numbers news…

I noticed that I’d surpassed my old streak record a year ago yesterday, and I just kept going. I’ve certainly used a streak freeze on occasion, and it’s often just one lesson a day to keep that streak alive… but alive it is!

I even spoke the tiniest bit of very hesitant Spanish in Peru on occasion. No one laughed!

NaBloPoMo 2023 · Unraveled Wednesday / Knit & Read

29: Unraveled Wednesday: New yarn

It’s been ages!! Today I’m joining Kat & the Unravelers for Unraveled Wednesday!


I started the new Colourwheel Musselburgh hat just before we left for Peru so that I could bring it in my carry-on. Unfortunately, I had a bit of yarn barf to deal with, because the end of the center-pull ball got sucked in during winding. I located the end and wound the excess into a ball… which I knew was a stupid idea, but I did it anyway. And, of course, it didn’t take long to get all tangled up and eventually it was just a knot. I took some time one night before bed in Ollantaytambo to untangle it and properly wind it around the main ball of yarn, and now I’m back on track. I haven’t knit all that much but will be measuring for gauge soon enough.

Meanwhile, alpaca products are easy to find, but not so much with the yarn (in my experience). Or perhaps it’s as simple as asking, because that’s just what Ann did in a little shop… “Hilo?” expecting to be directed to a shop that had yarn, and the woman pulled out a bag of yarn from under a bunch of other stuff. We’d never have seen it… those shops are STUFFED!!

I don’t know if this is very special, but it’s baby alpaca and I bought it in Peru! Cusco, to be exact, a little off the crazy square — where you are relentlessly accosted people trying to sell their wares, show you their menu, give you a massage (so many massage offers in such a short distance… it was creepy gross) (and who does that??). We ran across a bit more yarn in another shop, which is where the aubergine ball came from, and I never can resist that color; that yarn is more fingering weight. Anyway, I have no big plans for any of it, but I’m happy to have it.


GASP!!!!! I didn’t even bring a book along with me on vacation! I did have Tom Lake on audio, but I didn’t listen to that much … I’m getting a little bored, so I have sped up the playback. I’m not as in love with Meryl Streep as a narrator as I thought I’d be. We’ll see.

_ _ _ _ _

After not quite 3 hours of recorded sleep the night before, I got a solid 10 last night… and, boy, I sure needed that! And a shower. The stuffiness seems to be slowly easing.

NaBloPoMo 2023

27: Homeward bound

Boarding at midnight for Miami. Photos won’t upload, but I will catch-up soon! We had a little tour of Ann’s school, went to Barranco for a while today, found some meds for what I think are allergies (it’s spring in Lima!), had some great ceviche & the last Pisco Sours of the trip.

Enjoyed a nice dinner with Ann, Brian & Addie, visited for a few minutes, then hopped in the car to head to the airport.

I managed to do my 599th day of DuoLingo today!

What a great trip.

NaBloPoMo 2023

26: Mayta

This was the second of an 11-course tasting menu at Mayta in Lima, which Ann, Kate & I consumed with wine & great pleasure over the course of three hours this afternoon. Most plates were to be eaten in one or two bites, and all with a suggested order… details pointed out with tweezers. Presentation, service, and attention were all impeccable.

Second course
A tart of asparagus & broccoli florets
Razor clams on top
The beautiful oils were drizzled at the table

Scallops, razor clam, crab, codium (algae).

It was one of the highlights of the trip and such a wonderful way to wind down our visit.

And begin dreaming about the next one…