NaBloPoMo 2023

27: Homeward bound

Boarding at midnight for Miami. Photos won’t upload, but I will catch-up soon! We had a little tour of Ann’s school, went to Barranco for a while today, found some meds for what I think are allergies (it’s spring in Lima!), had some great ceviche & the last Pisco Sours of the trip.

Enjoyed a nice dinner with Ann, Brian & Addie, visited for a few minutes, then hopped in the car to head to the airport.

I managed to do my 599th day of DuoLingo today!

What a great trip.

NaBloPoMo 2023

26: Mayta

This was the second of an 11-course tasting menu at Mayta in Lima, which Ann, Kate & I consumed with wine & great pleasure over the course of three hours this afternoon. Most plates were to be eaten in one or two bites, and all with a suggested order… details pointed out with tweezers. Presentation, service, and attention were all impeccable.

Second course
A tart of asparagus & broccoli florets
Razor clams on top
The beautiful oils were drizzled at the table

Scallops, razor clam, crab, codium (algae).

It was one of the highlights of the trip and such a wonderful way to wind down our visit.

And begin dreaming about the next one…

NaBloPoMo 2023

25: Pooped…

…but feeling much much better.

Back in Lima, and more excited than you can imagine about being reunited with my suitcase! Different shoes, pants, shirts that I actually packed for the trip, all my toiletries! We gathered around the Christmas tree (Ann has hers up already) and I doled out all the things I brought down here for them! It was so fun.

NaBloPoMo 2023

24: The best meal I never ate

Over-exertion, altitude, and something I ate (Kate, too). We walked down to the plaza mayor this afternoon, after taking a little rest, and while Ann, Brian & Addie set off in a different direction, and met up with them for an early dinner. Mine consisted mainly of aqua con gas, and tiny little tastes of a very few things.

By all accounts, the food was excellent. The service was stellar, and I can wholeheartedly vouch for that. I would return if I am ever in Cusco again.

Black Friday is a thing here? We even saw signs for Black Weekend. haha.