Candy Corn

CandycornDelphiniumI don’t know the official name of this twining vine, but it’s easy to see why the common name is Candy Corn, isn’t it? It’s fitting that there are still a few flowers blooming right now. I can’t believe what else is blooming — delphinium!

BlueangelI will have to spend some time doing a final garden clean-up this weekend. This is what my huge, Blue Angel hosta leaves look like now — most of the hostas are this color. I love those big yellow leaves with their traces of green. There are still asters to cut back, too, but I’ve actually kept up pretty well, so it won’t be an all-day job. I snipped these (my only) hydrangeas yesterday after taking this photo, so that’s another already checked off the list.Hydrangea

Color_swatchI was displaced last night while Ali decorated the living room for her annual Halloween party. Tonight. Gawd, why do I allow this? Anyway, I grabbed the not-green Maggi’s DK Tweed for The Boogie’s "Lady" cable & lace hat pattern (the hat formerly known as Laura). Do you think this is green? I’m somewhat appeased by the lack of a name for this color; it is known as "01." Yeah, if I were in a color rut, it would be green. There’s the green vest I knit last year, the green Cromarty, green Galway hat, green thrummed mitts, wrist-warmers from the mitt left-overs, more green for an undetermined project, there will be left-overs from Cromarty… There are other colors in the stash (lots of gold — that would be the runner-up in this exercise — some blue, brown, red), but green’s definitely got my number.

9 thoughts on “Candy Corn

  1. Your Hosta leaves are pretty colour, I want to see a photo of your living room all “halloweened”
    I’m in a red/pink rut and love it!!

  2. Those delphiniums are a late season gift, very beautiful! I think green is wonderful and you gotta go with the flow with these seasons of colour we all experience. Now I’m curious about this Hallowe’en living room. Do show!

  3. I looooove green! I have to force myself to choose another color when I buy yarn. Second would be red (berry colors) and then yellow and golds. How do you like the Maggie’s DK?

  4. I’m lovin’ your garden photos. My garden is a disgrace these days. I should be cleaning it up this weekend, but we’re off to Parents’ Weekend. Then next weekend I’m going away, too. I hope this is a snowy winter, in this case, to cover up the mess ’til spring!

  5. Your garden pictures are beautiful. And I love that candy corn vine–so pretty.
    At least the color you are in a rut with is green. Beige is so boring and dull. I need to liven up my stash with some greens and reds and blues….

  6. I was with a person from South America last week and she asked me what candy corn tastes like, having never had it before. Just try to describe it! Sugar/vanilla/caramel, nah, that’s not it….

  7. The plants are beautiful. They make me wish I didn’t have a black thumb. (I’ve managed to kill mint. The only plant that I have that’s prospered for a long time is a giant aloe plant I got in Fall of 1999; it’s planning to kill me in my sleep, I think.)
    Thanks for fixing the Audrey link; your blog works perfectly for me now.

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