It’s a sign of the times…

Dsc06346Dsc06337…That you call me up whenever you feel lonely.*

Rather, it’s a sign of the times that you call me up on your shiny, new, international cell phone that you bought because you needed an alarm clock!  It took me a long, long time to realize that I could use my cell phone as a clock/watch, but kids these days (mine, anyway) use them regularly as their alarm clocks, too.  So, I’ve had two emails and a nice phone call from Kate in London (sounded like she was right next door).  The sun came out yesterday and she took a hike through Regent’s Park and any lingering doubts about whether she should be there disappeared with the clouds as the city lay before her.  (I’m going to like London Photos.)

Yes, her mum is relieved.  Can you tell?

Dsc06338Dsc06340I was trying to photograph some things yesterday when all of a sudden there was a big, gray cat filling my viewfinder (see above; like me, you can’t miss him).  That usually means that the food dish is empty, but it wasn’t, so I don’t know, I guess he just needed some attention.  Anyway, I happened to be at the antique mall some time ago when this item was newly arrived; the shop owner held it up and asked, quizzically, if not even incredulously, "What in the hell is this?"  I knew right away that it was a shrug, but was charmed by it’s tiny size and pink ribbon details — a baby shrug!  When I worked at the mall a couple of weeks ago and saw that it had been priced for next to nothing, it had to come home.  I especially like the clever treatment at the neck edge to make a neckline.

Dsc06341My weekend was spent knitting the Luna Shawlette.  I have finished, including the special bind off, and it’s 12" from neck to point prior to blocking.  I will give it a bath and block it tonight, though I don’t expect to gain much.  The yarn is lovely, but the jury’s still out in regard to size.

*Name that tune — song and artist.

8 thoughts on “It’s a sign of the times…

  1. Yay for phones call from across the pond! Glad to know she’s feeling better about being there and all that translates to at home.

  2. Ah, good ole Petula Clark. A Sign of the Times.
    Maybe the kitty is missing Kate and that’s why his looking for attention.

  3. Your tiny shrug is very sweet, glad Katie is happy and having fun.
    No1 son had his phone confiscated in class today for looking at the time on it, he forgot his watch!!

  4. I saw Match Point today, which is set in London and I was thinking of your girl! your shawlette yarn looks lots like my STR lagoon socks!

  5. Pet Clark! I want to go to London for Christmas next year…
    Thanks for the photo link – now I can go wander the neighborhoods…

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