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Dsc06427The Olympics begin in a week and a day.  I feel like I’m at Nationals, and while my programs for each competition are different, there are some similarities.  Shirley Shrugs for Nationals:  Big, Green, Cables.  Williamsro for the Olympics:  Big, Green, Cables.  My hands are getting used to cotton after a bit of a hiatus; you may recall that Shirley Shrugs was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my mother.  Ahem, don’t worry, she didn’t suffer.  I used to like knitting with cotton; these days, not so much.  I am persisting and resisting, picking myself up off the ice when I fall, getting back on course when I miss a gate…  Oh, the pressure to stay on the sled!  As of last night, I’ve begun the experimental short row shaping at the first shoulder and I’ll be nearing the half-way mark soon.

Ipdbutton I intend to participate in Super International Pajama Day on Super Bowl Sunday (this Sunday) and perhaps I’ll meet and pass that half-way mark, meaning that the short row thing doesn’t look stupid and I don’t waste too much time with that.  It would be super if I made it to the other shoulder and started on the long, long, long home stretch.  (Did I mention that it’s l-o-o-o-o-n-g?)  Well, a girl can dream — and I’ll be wearing jammies.  Do click on the button.  I am going to meet that woman someday — on her turf or mine or maybe even in Scotland!  There will be wine, maybe pajamas — that would put a different spin on the international part, wouldn’t it, Celia?

Dsc06424More goodies in the mail!  I don’t remember if it was the Wellington Hat or the Celtic Braid Socks that I recently "saw" in progress somewhere (probably the socks), I immediately shot off an email to Yellow Dog Knitting, where they just happened to be putting together an order for Cabin Fever.  The yarn is stash yarn of varying ripeness.  I’ve got some Galway that I’m thinking of using for the hat, and some gorgeous Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in a pewter color for the socks.  They love the sock at YDK, too, and mentioned that they’re thinking of using it in a class.  It’s a different type of heel and toe for me, so I’m excited about that.  But resisting.  I’m in the middle of Nationals, you know.

Dsc06419Punxsatawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, meaning six more weeks of winter.  First, we need winter to arrive in these parts!  I’ve got a little pansy action going on in my living room year ’round, and I finally found the perfect frame for the vintage pansy print that Cara sent me last year from Maryland Sheep & Wool.  I’ve been shopping and looking for months and here I had the perfect thing right in my own home, practically in the same room.  Isn’t it sweet?  Thanks again, C.

Big, Green, Cables…

7 thoughts on “Nationals

  1. The cables look fab, keep up the good work, pyjamas on Sunday sounds like a great idea, I think Scotland are playing France at rugby, always a good reason to yell at the television!

  2. So glad the pansies have a home – although I knew their home the minute I saw them.
    I ordered my yarn for my olympics project yesterday. Hopefully, maybe, some swatching this weekend.

  3. Thanks for the link to the pajama lady – she’s got weiner dog pj’s! Wow! I love her, and of course, you, for sending me to her……..

  4. We will DEFINITELY need to have pajamas, wherever we meet! Lovin’ the Big Green Cables – they suit you so well.

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