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Dsc03858In light of all the front door views and back yard views around the blogs over the past few weeks (which I’ve both participated in and enjoyed immensely), I laughed when I saw that Katie had posted, surely through some kind of osmosis, a picture with the caption, "The view from our lodge, Ireland."  Not difficult to see why she’d even think to take a picture — it’s so peaceful!  Do you see the specks on the grass across the water?  It’s surely more sheepies!

Dsc03927This one makes me smile, too.  "Aran Islands in the distance through the snow from the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland."  I’m not sure whether I’m seeing islands or what, but I love it.  ; )  She called last night with a question about yarn — she is on the hunt for something special and memorable for both of us!

I’ve finished the pink stealth knitting and have started another blue blanket square for Christine’s "Comforting Jef" project (which may, with any luck, also extend to "Comforting Mike"!).  There’s a good week and a few days of knitting left before I’ll have to get these in the mail so she has them by the deadline on the 24th.  I knit a whole square listening to podcasts the other day, but I was so tired last night I had to hit the hay early.  I’m using some navy blue Debbie Bliss Merino Aran that I actually used to knit a sweater once, but it was too small so I frogged the entire thing.  It’s great yarn.  Each square has a simple cable design because, well, I like that cable action!

Still prayin’.   ; )

7 thoughts on “The view

  1. Vickie – those pictures are awesome! We actually have a trip scheduled to the UK and the Isle of Man in June of 2007, and I can’t wait!
    People are coming out of the woodwork, volunteering to make blue squares, so I think we will have two in the end!
    Still praying for Mike, and you…….chin up…..;)

  2. beautiful pictures. i especially love that one of ‘the aran islands’. British Breeds Yarns does a lovely soft Blue-Faced Leicester aran weight.

  3. I have already sent blue squares to Christine, and I’m glad to hear she is getting them in abundance. Hopefully there will be enough for Mike as well. If not, you just say the word, and blue squares will be coming your way. Still praying.

  4. Still praying here, too. My husband was in an accident 24 yrs. ago, when our youngest was 10 days old, and suffered brain injuries. Reading about your brother has brought all those memories back, and I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. You’d THINK they were sheepies! But we did some super camera zoom research and realized they were some sort of feathered llama/dinosaur/giant swan things. Turns out they’re just swans, but they’re not as distant as they seem. 😉

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