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Steppin’ out

Dsc07052_1I did a little shopping with Katie yesterday.  First stop:  the Birkenstock store.  It’s almost summer and mama needs new shoes!  I’ve been threatening to buy a good pair of Birkie or Dansko shoes for too long (years); it was time to make good.

We had lunch at the mall’s Cafe Court, of all places, because Katie was craving Taco Bell.  I said, "Are you sure?  You’ve got your pick of restaurants and types of food out here…"  She was sure.  I had a grilled chicken salad from McDonald’s — not the best salad choice, it turns out, but not the worst.

Dsc07037Remember the package that I was so good about not opening?  Here’s my share — two skeins of Manx Loghtan Aran in a nice brown from British Breeds Yarn.  There were two other skeins in a much darker brown that Katie bought for herself.  She’s already started a scarf.  I think mine will marinate in the stash for a little while.

I packed up the box with Mason-Dixon Knitting, appropriately padded and protected, of course, and shipped it off to Helen A. in Chicago.  Yay, Helen!!  I washed and blocked the three squares I’ve finished so far for Warming Grace and those will be mailed tomorrow.  I also washed and blocked the first finished Fibonacci sleeve.  (This is going to be a roomy sweater; I hope it’s not going to be too roomy.)  I did not start the second sleeve yet because I needed to get something portable going, and the fun sock yarn I won from JessaLu has been calling to me.  I’m on the second try, so far, for the Simply Lovely Lace Socks (IK, Spring 2006), in the pastel yarn (we’ll see how it works).  Cara just completed these for her SockapalOOOza socks, and they are simply lovely.

With everyone’s schedules, this is the first evening since Katie arrived that we’ll all be home, so — finally — tonight it’s birthday cake!  I baked last night and will decorate tonight — at Maddy’s request, in the shape of a bug.  I baked one large (body) and two small (eyes) cakes, which could easily become a Mickey Mouse cake (Ali would like that), but the way they were arranged on the cooling rack made Katie wonder if we were having a pregnant lady cake.

8 thoughts on “Steppin’ out

  1. Awesome new sandals! And God knows, they will last forever. I bought a pair when I was pregnant with Hannah because they were adjustable and I couldn’t get anything else on my foot. She’s now 13 and I still wear those sandals! Gorgeous yarn, too!

  2. You know, my daughter (Katie) is only 9 (and I only have the one)and somtines when I read your posts I look into the future when she will be you daughters’ ages and imagine that my life will be just like yours is (minus all the gardening stuff because that’s just not my thing) and I think I’ll be so blessed if it is. Blow out all the candles Katie.

  3. You want some Birkis? Call your friend Amy! I got mine at the annual Allen Edmond’s shoe sale (held in June/July) for half price! You can buy 2 pairs for the price of one, I did!

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