Meet me at the zoo


Giraffes are my favorite animal, but apparently it didn’t start out that way.  Mom & me, ca. 1960, possibly Denver.  Today, it’s the NEW Zoo — Mom & me, Mack & his mom.  ; )  We’ll see lions and tigers otters and bears, too.  Oh, my!

Guess what?  I have knitting news!!!  I have chosen the colors for Maddy’s ROBOT!

And…  I did not make any long-distance calls last night.  I did, however, receive one!  ; )  I was very, very busy… sorting, tossing… first one box… then another.  One by one.  It’s so nice (I think) to know that I’m not the only one sometimes overwhelmed by the stuff and your emails and comments (still some trouble with those) are so nice (even if I totally suck at replying).  I was visiting in Katie’s room last night (she’s painting and rearranging — it’s so cute!) and she happened to have my blog up on her computer screen… she said that I’ve been frustrated a lot this year.  I guess I have… is it really showing that much?  It’s been a weird year, I’ll say that (again), but I do think I’ll survive.  ; )  A trip to the zoo will help, I’m sure.

8 thoughts on “Meet me at the zoo

  1. Have fun at the zoo. 🙂 It’s been a tough year m’dear. I can’t blame you for feeling frustrated but you handle it all so beautifully.

  2. You have a very observant daughter. Life seldom meets our expectations. Can you tell the feeling of expection is on my mind lately? Enjoy the zoo!

  3. I’m also sorting and tossing. Feels good to get rid of the piles of papers that have accumulated. My credit union offered free shredding last Saturday and I took two boxes over there. Hope they do that again in the fall because I’ll have more for them. They can do it much faster than I can with my small home shredder. Then I want to tackle some storage areas and closets but first it’s these piles, nay mountains, of paper.

  4. is it possible that this year has been just as frustrating as any other, it’s simply without the cigarettes it is showing more?

  5. Great photo! Have a wonderful time at the zoo… my step-daughter has sent photos all spring of grandbaby Mia and friends at the zoo and I am glad she is getting the early conditioning to love it all.

  6. How neat that your daughter checks in on your blog. And I really need to visit the zoo, but it’s just so hot.

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