ABC-Along 2006

Z is for…


Zoo.  Going to the zoo is special, and my most local recently added giraffes.  We decided to go meet them with my nephew, and had a very fun day in June.  Mack and my mom meeting giraffes at the zoo last summer (above), me and my mom meeting giraffes at the zoo during an earlier summer (below).


Dsc07582 Dsc07619 Dsc07566

This was not my finest photographic effort, nor was it my Z when I took the pictures.  I took a picture of Queen Ann’s Lace that day, and that was definitely with Q in mind, but not Z.  This one was hard… I think I’m a little past pleasing for zaftig, and I’m not sure quite how I’d portray that, anyway, so Z for Zoo it is!

Have I ever mentioned how much I’ve enjoyed participating in the ABC-Along?  I was sometimes rushed and sometimes fell behind, but I so enjoyed thinking about each letter and how best to represent it, taking pictures to reflect a little of me and making it personal.  In the beginning, I’d intended to photograph each letter as it came up, but it didn’t work out that way — for the most part, it did, but there are a few "out of order."  I’ve definitely had some favorites — okay, I was just going to go back and link to a few, but they’re all favorites, they all really do reflect me — people, places, things that I love and that are special or important to me.  I was inspired, N was just too much fun, O took me miles off my route to get to the spot after finally finding the one, V was pure chance, and X was a last-minute save; I wish I had a do-over or two… I forgot that I’d intended to do watch pins for W, though I guess that turned out okay.  Some of the pictures could be better…  From the very beginning, I’ve planned to print an Abecedary of my very own, and now I can finally do it!

Thank you, Anne, for sharing your inspiration and being such a fine hostess.  I’ve enjoyed every frame.

8 thoughts on “Z is for…

  1. Bravo Vicki! I lagged behind months ago but have enjoyed watching you complete the task. Can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

  2. It has been fun to see all the different ideas bloggers had for the letters. Yours was especially enjoyable for me as I got to know you better and see what mattered to you. You were very creative with ideas and photos. Nice work on all 26 posts, Vicki!

  3. Vicki, I’ve enjoyed all your ABC-Along post although I caught up by following your posting categories. I agree with Margene, you have been very creative with the project. A very nice group of work.

  4. Ooh very nice, we have some giraffes at our zoo down the street. They have a new baby, too! (he’s only twice as tall as me LOL)

  5. It was wicked fun and I loved all your posts. I’d like a couple of do-overs myself but, like you, I’m proud of doing all 26 letters. And what Margene said – it was a great way to get to know you better.

  6. Giraffes are the coolest animals — I love to watch them. Even when they run, it looks like slow motion.
    As I was reading your post I realized that in my mind you are all mixed up with Sue who keeps one of my book groups organized. There is a physical resemblance, and from reading your blog, I have come to see a personality resemblance as well. She is a delightful person and I love her dearly — as I do you, sight unseen and unmet. (I seem to do this mixing up on a regular basis. Stephanie of And She Knits, Too is, in my brain, pretty much synonomous with Emma Thompson. I think there is a blog post in there somewhere…)

  7. Nice way to end the year, with the end of the alphabet! I enjoyed the ABC Along and I will pick up the ball I dropped about halfway through due to other demands because I don’t like unfinished business.
    Happy New Year, Vicki!

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