UFO and Saturday Sky on Sunday

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My Favorite Black Vest (MFBV) with cute Edelweiss pin (love it — Katie got in Germany) is a rummage sale find (no more than $2) that I wear all.the.time and have for years — over t-shirts, v-necks, crewnecks, turtlenecks, dressed-up, dressed-down, with a shawl, a scarf.  It’s black, goes with anything, has pockets (love the pockets!) and is the perfect length for me.  It’s starting to show it’s age.

The Worsted Green Vest (TWGV) is one that I have had around, awaiting finishing — buttonholes and buttons — since before I started blogging *ahem* 3 *ehrm* years ago.  It’s been near the top of my UFO Resurrection list since Day One.  One of the more time-consuming to deal with, it wasn’t attended to right away, but I finally pulled it out and tried it on a few weeks ago to prepare for the big finish — or so I thought.  Good grief.

I photographed MFBV atop TWGV for comparison purposes.  MFBV has become a little more snug ’round the rear the past couple of years (I’m working on that), but even so, TWGV is way too big and, I’m thinking, it always has been!  What in the world was I thinking?  There’s a lot of elasticity to the stitch, also, and just look at those shoulders!  Can you spell F-R-U-M-P?  I’m drowning in that thing!  How I could have thought this was good in any way, when I was 20-25 pounds lighter, even… and I don’t recall having a single, solitary second-thought about TWGV when I was working on it.

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Today, all that’s left intact are the pocket linings.  I’ve got some yarn washing and de-kinking to do.

Saturday Sky (over our fair, small city) on Sunday, courtesy of Alison.  Sunday’s ain’t bad either and we’ve got a house to unbutton!

3 thoughts on “UFO and Saturday Sky on Sunday

  1. Oh, good for you — I know you will make that TWGV into the new MFB[G]V! Would that we all had the intestinal fortitude to face up to doing What Needs To Be Done.

  2. Yay for rebirth of the yarn. Sometimes it just HAS to be done. I liken it to cutting back plants. People who aren’t plant people FREAK out when you savagely hack your plants, but they just don’t get it. 🙂

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