Welcome Spring

I know that “spring” is a few weeks off yet, but it’s MARCH and we’re getting CLOSE and I took the Christmas wreath off the door and replaced it with THIS today!!

I also took down the light display after this photo was taken, and the Christmas stockings were put away, too. I wasn’t into the holidays much this year, but I do like to honor (and admire) my own handiwork and that of others for as long as I can — I stitched all of our Christmas stockings and my sister made me the pinecone wreath (with pinecones she HANDPICKED HERSELF, she’d be quick to add). The deadline for stocking removal is usually St. Patrick’s Day, though I’ve been known to let ’em go ’til Easter.

Anyway, we’ll spring forward in a week and my morning commute will be dark again for a bit, but it’s coming people. Hippity-hoppity, spring it on its way!

5 thoughts on “Welcome Spring

  1. Hehe. I am SO glad to know that others leave Christmas decorations up far past January 6. I just unplugged the lights on our prelit tree about 2 weeks ago. The tree still stands, though, because it is a 2-cat job to put it away and I am waiting for #2 son to come home and help me.

  2. The cross-stitch door hanger is darling. Yay for srping! It’s in the air here, even with a little more winter coming late next week. We’re ready!

  3. Um, yeah. Those holiday decorations… better get them down this week! I’m really hoping for spring- my kids need to be able to run around outside for hours! And my sanity needs them to as well!

  4. Ok – now I get rid of those Christmas decorations pretty darn fast – in part because I like to decorate my house for Valentines Day and then – I am ready for spring…I took the hearts off the door this weekend and felt I would really be pushing it to put the daffodil flowers on the door, so am waiting a week – trying to encourage them to come despite the -14C weather today (and that was the warm part!) – I know the winter will end…I know it will end…I know it will end…just hurry up! (I started reading your blog around the time of your brother’s accident, so am heartened to hear he is doing well!)

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