NaBloPoMo 2009

Eye Candy Friday

Last weekend was likely our last of the year at the lake.  We've had some memorable winter visits over the years, even celebrating Christmas there a couple of times.

As fun as it is to get away, I am very much looking forward to a weekend at home.  I have plenty of work/cleaning/organizing to do.  And I'm sure Katie could use some help.  The floors at her apartment (including a stinky process for carpet glue removal) will be done on Monday!  She plans to be completely moved in by Thanksgiving and, even with a few days for airing out, I think she'll easily make that deadline!

I may or may not have a tiny new baby in my viewfinder at some point this weekend – very exciting – and it's been a while.

On Saturday afternoon, I'll be attending a special event sponsored by my LYS, Iris Fine Yarns.  "Changing the World with Sticks and String: Knitting Activism Past, Present and Future" will be presented by Alison Gates, Associate Professor, Arts and Visual Design/Textiles Chair, Women's and Gender Studies, UW-Green Bay.  There's a link to a PDF with more information on the Iris Special Events page (click on "Registration Required") — and, by the way, if you're local and think you might like to attend, registration for this free event is required (registration deadline was last Saturday, but I doubt they'd turn anyone away).

I'd sure like to cook something this weekend — the girls gave me a gigantic covered skillet for my birthday and I've yet to use it!  I've wanted one for years, and even more with all the cooking I was doing recently (until VERY recently).

Well, I'll be back tomorrow — doin' this NaBloPoMo thing, you know!

8 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday

  1. Hope you have a restful, re-energizing weekend. Your images are beautiful. (Hurray for big skillets… and the time to use them.)

  2. You are a wonderful photographer Vicki and I always enjoy looking at your pics. They have been a real pick me up on some of my darker days. Thank you.

  3. Pictures are wonderful, as expected. I’m enjoying a new cast-iron, porcelain covered Dutch Oven. Haven’t had one in 20 yrs or more – this ia a heavy fella, and will be great for winter soups and stews and chili and such. Odd that we get such enjoyment out of a utensil!!??

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